Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Battery Test And Comparison In 2021

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Battery Test And Comparison In 2021
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Battery Test And Comparison In 2021

Introduction Of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Battery Test And Comparison In 2021

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Battery Test And Comparison In 2021. We have the new 1011 ultra to face them with the rest of the titans welcome to your techno world yo I’m Jorge and here they are Xiaomi mi 11 ultra versus iphone 12 Promax Samsung galaxy s 21 ultra and finally Juan plus 9 pros to face them in this test of extreme battery so without further ado we go to the mess and start like all devices on the table by putting them on the same Wi-Fi network and level playing field ie all at 60-hertz full HD resolution in the screen and of course.

120 hertz less the iphone that compensates

Therefore we arrive at 2 o’clock also with little difference to all environments at 86 84 percent and we continue with this test to see if there is a significant jump in these changes, in the end, each one of these mobiles ends up adapting and I want to take this opportunity to remind myself at this very moment that almost all The mobiles you see are new, they are not the ones I used in three previous ones. renewing and that is how we reached the three-hour test with 78% for the TSA or me for the iphone 81 seems to be a little better this s 21 ultra and the one plus with the 74.


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That is already beginning to uncheck downwards and is that now we have gone on to play asphalt to see how the hertz now affect differently on each of the screens remembering some are at 120 hertz less the iphone that compensates by having a little more brightness and in fact it shows because we got to the 4-hour test with the iphone a little more resentful so let’s move on to the benchmark test now, this is where the processors that are also different if you are looking at them on screen they will also mark that key point to see the differences in the test list I am not looking for the official data of this benchmark but rather What I want is for them to get very hot and for it to melt in their batteries basically.

Why we arrive at 5 hours with devices at 37

That is why we arrive at 5 hours with devices at 37 38 42 and 23% respectively watch the one plus that already seems to have been seriously unmarked and how can it be otherwise we are going to record in 4k 30 frames this is the giant killer this crushes all the batteries that although they have capacities different and you are also seeing it right now on the screen where it will play a fundamental factor both the optimization of the processor since as rendering this image greatly affects the optimization quality in the operating system itself to withstand the warming some vais Let’s see that they even finish recording and we have to stop a bit but generally this is normal.

So we continue with this test until 5 o’clock hours and 48 minutes that the one dies plus the first fall of this test that is really very very demanding and I am already seeing that at 6 o’clock they are all under minimums at 9 18 and 10 percent respectively as well continuing a little more with this test we reached the death of eleven ultras that the truth promised a lot but I am already seeing that in the end the that usually remain on the table are the galaxy and the iphone on merits own and beware that we have passed to the next Instagram test which is much simpler than the previous one and the galaxy also begins to fall into chopped therefore at 6 hours and 32 minutes.

Now even in 4k this iphone would have hesitated for a few minutes

We find that he finally says goodbye and this iPhone stays on the table the percentage difference was minimal but as these tests are more simple make the battery last longer that is, if we had recorded now even in 4k this iphone would have hesitated for a few minutes but it is a deserved winner who ends up exceeding 7 hours of testing and I want to make it clear that This test is very demanding and the four mobiles that you have seen are one brutal level without any doubt and what you have seen was the download test But of course many of you will think now Jorge is also the load that is another factor important in the drums this you know that lately as I am doing so it is not a test.

I just do my tests and so on because I have to use loaded generic for those mobiles that do not bring charger inside the battery but good for commenting it tell you that obviously, the mi 11 ultra is the fastest charging mobile with its 67-watt charge fast in the same way also the one plus would charge faster than the galaxy y the galaxy faster than the iphone that would be the slowest to charge because it is, in the end, it is like that, you may give more value to fast charging and have the mobile to 90 percent in less than half an hour as the Xiaomi does or you may value that last an hour more a little less screen more brightness at the end.