TOP BEST CHEAP LAPTOP QUALITY-PRICE 2021 BEST CHEAP LAPTOP FOR STUDENTS. How you are going to see things are more or less clear on which is the best device in each group of computers and by the way I recommend you stay until the end because there may be some really good hidden computer has a lot of people know and well I don’t say the more we will start with the cheaper it is his Wii hero book that I do not know for what but it seems to be a device that has disappeared from the face of the earth especially in amazon which was where we usually recommend it, the case is that this device for a price of about three to four hundred euros.

Start a well-built laptop and with some decent materials

It depends on where you get it, it offers us something that very few other manufacturers give us for this price to start a well-built laptop and with some decent materials that don’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic put in the sun and listen to me that I have seen quite a few laptops and there is every tragedy out there loose that although the laptop itself works relatively it makes you want to change it just for the touch of the plastic because it seems like it’s going to break every time you touch it besides this show in specific has something that is also surprising to me the first time I saw it and it is a 1920 x 1080 screen that is full HD and in addition to quite quality as we have said several times this laptop is not going to serve you to access the secret files of the pentagon or to set up a network international traffic of. Read More TOP BEST CHEAP LAPTOP QUALITY PRICE 2021 BEST CHEAP LAPTOP FOR STUDENTS.

I play Latinas but for what has been the day to day of many people that is to article on the web write in the word and do that that people call to work the truth is that I can think of few options better if you want to buy it as I have already said for some reason it has disappeared from amazon however in aliexpress it is and something cheaper also for the description we are going to leave the links of all the laptops in the that we are going to talk so that you do not have to spend half an hour finding the ones that are what happened to me but hey let’s go with the following device because sadly, as I said a while ago, manufacturers are not dedicated to a long time at this price range and then.

What happens is that hardly there is competition

What happens is that hardly there is competition, well let’s go when it comes to gaming laptops that are the computers that we are going to use to play videogames but also You can be interested in them if what you need 6 is minimum power possible price and here we can choose between two devices the first as he is not well-known in our channel I am for change the name of the channel to him it is about the laptop Asus there yes friends, to tell the truth, is that I am also a little tired of recommending always the same but the truth is that as long as the other brands are not the batteries with the quality-price little we can do is more looking.

We can say that the gaming computers of most of the brands start from 800 euros up I mean that before at that price they don’t even care about making powerful products and only make sleek, slim ultrabooks that are great for going to university but if what I want is to build a complex plot of Illegal chocolates in second life because I can’t because they can’t stand the games but that is not the case of the bus that with a good processor card graphics and ram we will be able to give most games the other option than it comes to mind if what we want is not to see the sunlight and play league of legends that tragic game that has destroyed the lives of so many people is the hp pavilion gaming both.

A few graphics processor and RAM options

The 15 and 16 inches although I’m going to talk specifically about 16 in this case we also have a high level of customization choose from quite a few graphics processor and RAM options we have to thank you hp for putting some competition in this range of prices because the truth is that precisely many of you you ask about this type of computer cheap computers to play and in this case we will also be able to use it to play because unlike practically the rest of computers for this price have a card dedicated graphic that if you don’t know what it means I’m not going to explain to you here the bible but for everyone to understand it means more power also the processor and ram are also very good so if you want to buy you this and not the Asus you nobody can say that you have done a bad choice and now.



We go with the final choice and the one that has reserved me for the end of the article we have already seen cheap computers and computers for gaming now comes the turn of ultrabooks or finite laptops to go to work what they mean more or less the same but ultrabook is like more the heights you do not understand me well well I will not surprise anyone I tell you that as always brands do not put much competition in this price range because of all the devices we’ve tested for this price and trust me there has been a few, there is one that stands out above the rest with a lot of difference between the game and a half book of 14 and 15 We have talked about them many times.

I have seen good quality of materials

But lately we have been able to tinker more deeply still and to the surprise of absolutely nobody my opinion has not changed at all is the best computer of 500 euros- I have seen good quality of materials, good assembly of the pieces that is, you can see the very robust bug weighs practically nothing and is really finite apart from those things that are only design we also have a screen full hd that looks good and a keyboard that is nice to use power obviously we can’t wait as long as gaming computers because it’s a lot finer but if you want to edit a video from time to time you go to be able to spare enough but good then because there is still a piece.

My dear friends because this technology channel has saved the best for last because people who leave earlier don’t deserve anything can that the Huawei is not the best computer you can buy because there are also the magic books of honor that are also part of Huawei and more xiao’s Redbook 16 is still important, I’ll tell myself clearly and without any doubt, the TSA or my red view 16 is the best computer you can buy for 600 euros that cost which is also the only place where you can get good there are more pages but I mean that in amazon it is not but I tell you if the Huawei was already a little step above the rest the TSA or is still a step further.

I can tell you that this device in other brands it could be sold perfectly for 1000 or 1500 euros It depends on the brand and it would not even be expensive, really you get to look at specs and you realize you have a root processor at 4,700 16 gigabytes of quality ram in all its high-end components a virtually perfect construction quality sound quality screen and a good battery honestly the best there is the only downside that we can put is that the keyboard is in English and even that you can change it because many manufacturers give you a pack of keyboard stickers that if you are a not very clever or you will not need it because it can be written perfectly with an English keyboard as is my case.