TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 TOP SMARTPHONES XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE. Today we come to talk about the epitome of the Chinese tech brand conglomerate behind the fall of the dragon Huawei we bring you the best of seom Well, as always, these articles are divided between the different ranges of price so that all of you have something interesting to see and be some wealthy dollar-ridden entrepreneurs or someone from the economic antipodes of those people like us, by the way, all the mobiles as always you are going to have in the description so if you want to see something in more detail or check the price or simply buy it down there you have the links said this to mess well we start with the network minute 9 the most economical option.

How much Well, cheap 142 bucks at the time of making

How much Well, cheap 142 bucks at the time of making this article and the truth is that for this price you get a more than the decent phone in the first place and for that you stay calm the phone can with the basic tasks of the day to day and with more since like what he’s doing be it or me lately with all its inexpensive devices includes a MediaTek processor of these processors, a lot of people have especially pestered technology that mobile phones do not analyze that costs less than 500 greens I do not know if Let me explain myself, but the truth is that the people who have tried them and believe me I know a lot because among other things I recommend these devices to my family and friends no one has noticed nor the most absolute problem is more They usually say that they are doing great concerning the cameras, I will not deny it.

They are not the most spectacular in the world but instead, for this price, it is the best you are going to find and in daytime photos or with good lighting behave more than good another positive point is its monstrous battery as It also makes it IMO with most of its brand’s inexpensive devices that It has 5000 milliamps this means that it lasts a day of use perfectly the overall design is quite nice with a pinhole note quite disguised and in general it is a mobile that if in the back it put Samsung or Huawei instead of xiao would be worth practically double by the way guys for those of you who have also seen our last article this that.Read More TOP 5 BEST XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE OF 2021 TOP SMARTPHONES XIAOMI QUALITY PRICE.

I leave you up here and bring you good news both this and the rest of the phones from this top pay attention to this they bring the charger included in the box yes I know this shouldn’t be something to announce but the world is lately very crazy but there are even crazier than the world itself only then can you consider subscribing to this channel that is worthless and helps us to keep making these articles do not feel pressured in was just a Suggestion now is when you almighty will decide and click or not and we will continue friends now so if we are going to talk about the beast the one We believe that it is the phone with the best quality-price of the moment. phone x 3 of this phone.

Where we explain with more depth and why it seems to us

We have already made a dedicated article where we explain with more depth and why it seems to us what it seems to us but in summary, it has completely ridiculous specifications for its price we are talking about things like 120 hertz or the inclusion of practically every one of the extras that can be included in mobile and that many people do I am going to tell you a few of those so that you can get hold of it. NFC Audio Jack Extra Dual SIM SD Card Slot Stereo Speakers infrared 30-watt fast charge a huge 5200 milliamp battery a processor that allows you to do almost anything you want with it and finally the best of all, if friends, the charger is also included, just kidding joke I stop but I can not resist finally people speaking This is the mobile that I would buy myself if.

I were to buy a device in at this moment I think that with this I tell you more than enough, no, it is not a visually perfect mobile to me the back is not the one I like the most and the screen is ips but how to do it always If we put negative things and positive things on a balance, this is the most unbalanced mobile that exists at the moment and if to all that you add that it costs about 230 euros when perfectly google is selling worst devices in practically all sections by 500 and 600 since there is not much more to debate the truth is simply one of those motives to that people take a certain affection for offering much more than any other of your time and also for less money and now it is the turn of the minute 10 light a pretty good device that I did not plan to name because of being.

A telephone many people already despise

The version light of a telephone many people already despise it but let me tell you that it is an excellent smartphone in quality-price most of the people buy it for their camera which is the best there is for its price but we cannot ignore its battery which is 5200 milliamps or its screen that has a pretty good quality that is, it is not like a device of a thousand euros but it does stand out among the others in its price as well that if there are people, it has my stamp of approval and we go with another device that in this article have to enter a few mobiles and we go still for the third, we just talked about minute 10 like true then if we raise our budget a little more with one of the devices that have sinned the most worldwide it has been several times in the top 1 of best-selling devices is about.



The little phone efe 2 pro and good we could be thinking that most people are somewhat stupid and that they get carried away by what they say but the truth is that in this case, the masses have hit the nail on the head because the poco f 2 pro is not only a good device but it is a device excellent has practically everything we look for in smartphone a good screen good camera and a lot of power in addition to practically all the extras specifically have a 4 thousand battery 700 thousand amps of fast charge of 30 watts that as you already know unless spend all day playing it will give you plenty for a normal day and current the screen is AMOLED and it is one of the ones with the best definition within all the devices you want or more the camera is very amazing for the price range and in terms of power has the snapdragon 865.

That to give you an idea is the processor that devices such as the one plus 8 pros a device that costs almost a thousand euros that is to say that the own f 2 pro has what is today the best processor on the market but being a device that costs 350 euros I’m going to lie I know this is a article about Xiaomi mobiles but if I had to buy a device for this price regardless of the brand I am sure it would be this and we now go with what the devices are going to be The most expensive of the whole article is about the TSA or mini 10 and the middle this pro and let’s see how the names are very similar and I know there may be someone Let’s get involved we’re going to call my 10 by the same name but in the middle and this one We are going to call as Alexander Great the king of all Macedonia if I am honest at first.

I would not mind using it in my day to day and having

I had no plans to put ‘Alejandro Magno on this list but comparing and comparing Xiaomi mobiles, in the end, has ended up giving me Realize that the E 10 and Alejandro Magno are similar and not only in the name and that if someone is interested in one it is very possible that it is also interested in the other or having doubts about which one to buy to start the two devices are around 550 600 euros both are mobile very very competent in this price range and both are devices that I would not mind using it in my day to day and having said that which is the best well well the answer is complex because it depends on what you are looking for in a The Mi 10 device is a smartphone that was released a year ago. eight months or so I looked at it a while ago and that it has a better screen than the king of Macedonia ie looks better and there is more quality of display.

We can also say that the camera is a little better than your opponent among other things because he has had more software updates Although I would not be surprised if, in the end, it ended up equaling and as the last point to Please of my 10, it must be said that it has wireless charging, something that 1010 I am not saying that 1010 is a device that I would recommend to the people who are interested in having the best possible camera a better screen and wireless charging but and our dear king Alejandro what are your advantages well to start with while the 1010 display is 90 hertz the ‘Alexander the Great’ is 144 hertz or is that although it is not much.