TOP 3 GAMING PORTABLES QUALITY PRICE THE BEST LAPTOPS QUALITY PRICE. I will not extend myself, simply tell you that for its price there is no one to make specifications and how is that precisely what people who want a gaming laptop are looking for for this price well here you have it lately it seemed that a serious competitor to this device was the hp pavilion 16 gaming which included a radiation range 4000 but I am afraid that as a result of the article that we made the units have been sold out and everywhere in amazon Spain is practically impossible to find a device with these processors but it is not the end of the world risen 3000 range processors are still excellent and already.

The processors are not usually the component

I tell you that normally the processors are not usually the component That title becomes obsolete, the cards take it away graphics scared them are like what they have always told us in the movies Disney friends that is aesthetically not that they are wrong but it is not something that is going to stand out nor does it pretend, however, the important thing is in the inside Well, cut it short, let’s not go overboard either, they both hit us We know that Mr. Walt Disney is not foolish about these things. the positive part is that although there are not many alternatives to scare in these price ranges what there are is a lot of configurations.

So that you can configure it, worth redundancy, as best suits you than my opinion seems to me almost that there should be a lot of laptops were to choose but few settings available this is like a diet balanced that you prefer to eat raw fruits salads and legumes or a good pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for drinking I think the answer is clear only that the issue is computers do not affect your health and another yes but good people now before moving on to the next one I come to remind you that again this is something that has to get out of your Kokoro and I can’t force you you are going to do whatever you want. Read More TOP 3 GAMING PORTABLES QUALITY PRICE THE BEST LAPTOPS QUALITY PRICE.

But I have to remind you if you have Thank you very much and if not then we will continue with the next laptop the It is true that it is difficult to compete with the Asus even for these prices remember that the highest configuration of you have an r tx 2060 something It is quite serious now well for these prices we already consider that it is smarter jump to the next level that has the same components that are, it has the same graphic ram and storage except for an exception is the processor, the laptop that we are going to present you already has the rais at 4000 and also has a 144-hertz screen and that notebook chip exactly another Asus.

The blue kefir use 15 look at the truth is that

The blue kefir use 15 look at the truth is that we do not have any kind of satanic pact with Asus if do not worry that We would be delighted to tell you now well to Caesar what is Caesar’s and I honestly do not think there is another competitor that by specifications build quality and price come close to this device is for put it in some way the natural evolution of stoves and that’s something pretty good it’s a more solid device better built prettier obviously and with better feelings in general, both on the keyboard and on-screen or trackback is that someone in their right mind uses things with these computers and in this sense cannibalizes your other laptop a bit.



Because I can not recommend the matter for this price that is to say that of 1200 euros knowing that for a hundred more you can have something noticeably better in everything that is to say the Cecil age 15 I also know that many of you will not be able to buy these laptops but honestly, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about laptops cheaper since the answer will always be the same, that is, I will always recommend a scared one and up to this price range I don’t it is useless to consider another device when it comes to gaming laptops compared to zero I said 15 is extremely similar to g14 that.

We have commented to you several times on and the main advantage compared to the rest of laptops of this price is that it has a processor much more efficient and that means you are going to have a noticeably slimmer because it heats up less and also with better battery life it which makes it the best option for those people who want to take the laptop to work or study but at night they like to burst heads in the overwatch at 144 hertz I do not know if I explain it is, in general, a very well thought out laptop because visually it does not look like a light fair but inside and it’s something very different, well my friends to finish this article.

This device that in itself is little known also has a very interesting

I am going to tell you about the most expensive and most powerful laptop Also the whole article is about the ms and rider gs 66 that we already showed you ago little in another article but it is worth it for people to meet this type of devices that we have not heard much about the truth and I am going to tell you, little secret friends, this device that in itself is little known also has a very interesting special edition but before about this we are going to talk about the normal version as you can expect from a computer for this price the power is huge you are not going to have trouble doing absolutely anything on this device even going a little further because instead of having the classic i7 processors this one has 1 and 9 specifically the 9 10 1980 HK and I know that my dear subscribers you already know what this is but.

I have some acquaintances who neither they knew there were processors above 7 so for people as they simply tell you that it is a more powerful range of processors a step above 7 for people who are dedicated basically to play in very high resolution or do missile calculations thermonuclear in terms of the graphics card more than You can choose between 2 1070 and 2000 80, the two most powerful cards that exist right now in the world of laptops that you already know that for desktop computers recently came out the 3000 range for the ram the truth is that it seems to me that they have passed we can choose between 32 gigabytes that.

We will have enough for the entire existence of the laptop

We will have enough for the entire existence of the laptop or we can also choose 64 in case I know you want to mount a server on your laptop to the ss of a terabyte and for the screen a panel that looks good and that it has up to 240 hertz that you already know that this means that we have more frames per second and that this is intended for games in competitive but hey I remember that it does not hurt so in terms of little more hardware I have to tell the truth for the price it has is what to be expected is to say the best of the best and now I would like to talk a little about the special edition of this device and about the style of the normal edition you know me you know that I am a person who does not just like me So much that the laptops look like a Sunday afternoon in the bumper cars and it was a Sunday afternoon.

I went to the car and said and obviously I mean the colored lights, the chromatic LEDs, the RGB, or whatever you like to call me, I am a person who likes sobriety, and if I have to go to class at work or anywhere else I don’t like people stare at my laptop as if I had the typical tuned car of the fast and furious movies however and as much as I am not passionate This I recognize that there are two ways of facing life the first of they are that of the person who lives to suffer, living lamenting the world that.

We tread crying for the injustices of the cruel world

We tread crying for the injustices of the cruel world and try to go through this planet trying to make as little noise as possible and the other is to accept who are you what are your problems and your plots and use them as a banner like this guy [Music] ah as this is precisely the case of the special edition of the ms 66 Ryder called dragon shield and here the people of ms and directly have decided to accept the gamer spirit and have created a monster, in my opinion, the normal version which also has many LEDs is a pretty nice device.

But the dragon shield edition is much more cheeky more self-aware of going aimed at gamers is like the pretty girl who knows it is and uses it or like sunflower seed sellers who know their product is a drug and still This is how they continue to sell it so that the bugs are in this edition, it comes with a spaceship figurine mouse pad and art book just in case in general it is the same as the normal computer.