The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021

The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021
The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021

Introduction Of The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021

The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021. Today we are talking about 1012 ultra with three key factors for this new signature device Xiaoming which the fast charging that has Xiaomi enabled at 200 watts eye that we are talking about 200 watts, that is, in 40 seconds, 10 percent has already been charged in less than three minutes we have it at 50 and it shows a full fast charge of 100% 5000 milliamps in approximately 8 minutes this is a true barbarity and this is what he does is Yao ming as he said to scare his competition tell them.

Xiaomi enabled at 200 watts eye that we are talking about 200 watts

We have this set what we are doing and this is what it goes because then the continues It is very short that also shows us the wireless charging that is to say that far from being only with the cable also admire is the wireless charging and which is raised to 120 watts and is that we think that last year in 2020 is closed with this type of cable speeds, that is, the year 2020 ago half a year we were talking about 120 watts of cable and Xiaomi is already showing its 200-watt fast charging and 120 wireless this is how to double the loading speed in less than as I say half a year is a real madness and to me right More The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021.

It leaves me all the desire in the world to see a new flagship of the signature in this case thinking I already have here my 11 ultra this team was already coming with 120 watts as I say it is like the latest on the market but they are already starting to talk about 200 watts and I think this is the idea whenever or wherever ultra calls a team is that it goes for all and is what I feel like see but is that above as I said there are more factors, on the other hand, the screen rear this was a factor that seems to be particularly successful because although there are indeed many mobiles in the world that you make a mobile.

The snapdragon 895 the most powerful processor

That has something differentiating for nothing remains above is a simple functionality that helps you in many moments you give a lot of value to its rear cameras because you can make a self and while you see yourself also has notifications has the option to customize it seems to me that it is something very well worked and of course it is something that gives personality to the device ultra of xiao will follow me in this line and rumors speak of an even bigger screen if this was a cure with an inch will have to even get to 1.5 inches with the same format I don’t think it will have many more functionalities compared to what we already saw in the mi 11 ultra.



I think that the idea is more to highlight his personality and do as he said something differential that when you see an ultra, say okay that is Yao ming’s because It has a rear screen but as I said there are three fundamental factors for this new team and the third is also very striking and is that you can hear many leaks talking that the new 1012 ultra team would debut the snapdragon 895 the most powerful processor that we had in the world around the year 2021 this is something that would not surprise either because already mine It was the mobile that released the snapdragon 888 which is the most powerful processor that we currently have it would not be strange for the new ultra to be the one.

I premiered on snapdragon 895 or maybe the 1012 series of the logo we’re going to see a new one beast by xiao ming before the end of the year and he will have the snapdragon 895 confirmed if it is the first is not what can be in doubt but the processor practically taking it for granted and it is clear with all this What can we ask from a mobile phone, so what else can we ask from Xiao Ming? to improve the mi 11 ultra and what are you going to do from here we already talked about much more diffuse leaks in all this information.

The camera there are very interesting patents

I’m saying no is confirmed but let’s say some things are more reliable and things where We are already beginning to theorize how it can happen, for example, with the issue of the camera there are very interesting patents that speak of a rotating camera in the front of the device, therefore, we could guess that there is a new invisible camera technology coming out or doing something different to not see the hole inside the screen this as I say is an official patent of Xiaomi but I don’t think we’ll see it as a pro I also think that if I usually bet on strange technologies in what.

That their mobiles are against things a little safer so they are patent I take it a little more with tweezers in the same way as the rear camera is known to be or is working on 200 sensor megapixels and it is known that Samsung is working on 200 sensor megapixels and here the question is going to be which is the first to come out that for, Of course, this type of brand is interested in arriving with very high numbers. very big beasts although I am going to put here the little snag of what I never know talk about this kind of thing and I would love to start listening to how leaks and news is a bit of a performance improvement I think the cameras for example of the mi 11 ultra are very good but many times.

The problem is in the software

The problem is in the software as it is not made entirely intuitive. all comfortable when using it even my Wii I have already said many times It is not my favorite layer but I would like to not only talk about optimization of the system but of system updates today we are going to sell mobile for one thousand-odd euro what good news would be to guarantee that for 34 years will be updated to new software versions the purchase would be much longer in the long term, not only do you spend money to works well in a couple of years but has more to go in the future by So it is the kind of leaks that I would like to hear from which I never know to speak is a little pain that.

I can put on this type of mobile currently and at this point, I am going to talk about the most interesting factor for me of the mobile as the screen is and we could think that already with the screen del mi 11 ultra an AMOLED screen of 120 hertz that is to say with 8 inches 3200 x 1,440 resolution and a peak brightness of 1700, the truth is that we could to think that there is very little to improve what is interesting is not so much about improving the numbers that I think we are here are great but.

What it would be like to finally beat lte technology which is an efficiency technology where take better advantage of the refreshment of the screen and it is not that it is going to give us a better experience but it will give us better performance in terms of battery This technology was developed by Paul for watches but nevertheless the The first mobiles that have been included are the number 20 for example or the galaxy s 21 and recently the one plus 9 so that would be very good.