The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile

The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile
The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile

Introduction Of The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile

The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile. It is a brutal cover letter for this device because of course, it goes for its direct rival which would perhaps be a Xiaomi mi 11 you are going to see that they are very similar and that the TSA or me It is on the sidelines of sales and others for about 700 euros approximately and this mobile as I said is at 499 with a flat starting price amazon offer and maybe then I think it ends up being like 599 out of the initial days but even.

Despite to make quality-price phones

So with that start for less than 500 euros it seems to be a statement of spectacular intentions so without further ado let’s see that it has a box because it also has a fairly large box and what we find inside is the good detail that the firm usually has despite to make quality-price phones to include a protective case in this transparent case so that we can protect our mobile of course warranty papers which have been common and we would also find what It would be a super late charger and the usb type c cable is curious as it seems to customary today is to make smaller and smaller boxes but real me despite not including so many things has made quite a considerable box and is also interesting.

That the charger I’m seeing is the signature super touch that It has 65 watts of fast charging so another one of the great numbers that it has this mobile that already so if we are going to take it I have been testing The truth is that I want to talk to you about a couple of interesting things like what is the fingerprint reader look at what faster thing you notice that they have put a lot Be careful that this is well worked because it is going great is one of the things that I liked the most and another thing that I also liked a lot is the design note that the edges are not fat at all maybe a little more at the bottom we have an integrated camera inside the screen.

The screen it is Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels

I also like that the volume up and down buttons are independent in this case is one of those things that sometimes because they end up joining and I like that they are as well as separated and also include the port of mini-jack 3 with 5 for headphones and then the rear part amazes me that It is finished that I think it has a wonderful touch because it is like leather invitation this I’m seeing is the racing finish is over yellow with this band in black and then however there would be other finishes also soberer this is like the most striking that it seems to me that it has a very very differentiating style and already the camera what is the module in the part rather discreet top for.


The Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Scares The Competition In 2021

What we are seeing lately three chambermaids that I will talk about a little later because now I want to talk to you about the screen that maybe is the aspect that leaves me a little more is not bad in this case we have a 120-hertz screen for slicing soda the numbers are going to be spectacular in practically everything because the screen it is Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels but by putting a very small very personal snag the screen for me is a bit small 6 with 43 inches, it is indeed comfortable many people prefer these types of sizes recently a friend and he told me I like it better because.

It is much more comfortable for taking it, of course, it is more compact mobile simply as I say it is not very personal to me maybe a little more about six and seven inches I think than to this mobile and they have already been spectacular but as you can see the technology that we are talking about also talked about before the processor snapdragon 888 the most powerful processor we have in android 12 gigs of ram is that all numbers are wonderful because even when you scratch a little even talking about connectivity once you have Bluetooth 5.2 that it has wifi 6, of course, NFC 5g it shows that they have put it good technologies not only many numbers and that is one thing that.

The camera issue is usually the most differentiating

I like a lot notes that the mobile is well worked in all aspects and I know that this article It is becoming a very fan, of course, no one has paid me to make this article simply that when you criticize things that you do not like then It is good when there is one thing that is well worked and that on top of it is well of price because today we are also here to say it because perhaps there is a doubt in the whole issue of the fax it killer that is worth the mobiles nowadays give many numbers we can have a good screen good battery good all but and the camera issue is usually the most differentiating aspect of all in this aspect it is no different it is noted that.

The camera is the factor sometimes a little looser although at the level of numbers it also sounds very good because we have a 64 megapixel camera we have the wide angle of 8 and for last the 2 megapixel macro actually I think the camera complies he saves with note what we can ask him takes good photos in low light will be leaving shows as usual and all that but in general.

I think that fits perfectly with the quality-price mobile we are talking about so for me it is a correct point as I say there is not much more to scratch and from here to give a conclusion to this mobile I think the issue of the software is the part where it is most normal, it is not the layer that I least I really prefer it and what is this that is based on android 11 and others I think which is quite solvent is like the camera issue.