THE ULTIMATE LAPTOP TO EDIT AND PLAY AORUS 15P. The seller of the next to your house these processors are practically unicorns and honestly, with this processor, we are going to be more than enough to do what we want to have 16 gigabytes of ram 512 gb of SSD and an Nvidia gtx 2000 70 max looking at it with a little perspective We could say that it is a laptop for both gaming and work more We will talk about its screen later, but for the moment I will tell you that something that does this laptop excellently well is putting a very powerful machine in a very small space indeed compared to the TSA or mi notebook pro that is the one that I have here in front is the same big and heavy and a bit chubbier but in exchange, you go from having an MX 250 to have an r tx 2070 which is a price that.

What the laptop is made entirely of metal

I would be willing to pay a thousand and once for the tremendous difference in power between these two graphics on the other hand also has a much more elegant design than what the laptop is made entirely of metal and to say it feels sturdy as a Soviet tank in a good way a negative point that I have to comment on is the position of the webcam which as many manufacturers are doing is already at the bottom From my point of view it is to say for me this is a proposal since I can tell you I have seldom used it but I also understand that there are people who do not want me to his double chin is the protagonist of the video call and it is something that.

I understand and I respect something curious about this is that for those people who believe in the damn Eduard Snowden tell you that the camera can be covered with a little eyelash that brings the laptop itself so that you do not have to go doing the pig-sticking pieces of duct tape on the laptop which is something. Read More THE ULTIMATE LAPTOP TO EDIT AND PLAY AORUS 15P.

I’ve seen too many times and the notebook is extremely sad when it comes to performance or performance I can tell you that it is surprising how well it works and refrigerates for its small size in part I suppose it is because of the tremendous ventilation slit at the bottom I’ve been messing around with games with many games and many of them were demanding like the monster hunter world control or strangely Minecraft with a high rendering distance and holds it perfectly well in quality graphics high good friends let’s talk about the screen that without a doubt some is one of the things that has surprised us for the good of this laptop, to begin with, and as the name of the device itself indicates that there is no to be here a gifted to see it the laptop has a screen of 15 inches that if you ask me is possible.

A laptop and some of you may be thinking that 15 inches

The perfect size for a laptop and some of you may be thinking that 15 inches are still being something small for a gamer laptop in which in theory it should be capable to see your enemies clearly to eliminate them as I did with the rat kids from the counter strike but I use the 15-inch laptop myself every day to play and the truth is that I have never felt with that need to use something bigger plus this also helps its portability since the brush 15 has some achieved frames or said of another form is not that it is precisely an iphone s of 2020 none of that here the screen adjusts to the device frames as it should be what going to make us solve the problem of size and obviously.

The screen is not only that to start the laptop has 144 hertz of refreshment rate, many of you will already know, but I’m still going to remember the refresh rate is nothing more than the number of times the screen updates per second and the higher it will be our experience with the device if you are a person of the who uses the computer only to watch series and little else this does not serve you a lot because most series are recorded at 60 frames per second at most, however, if you are a gamer and for that type of people it is aimed This laptop is useful enough for you is something that you are going to notice and if apart from this you use the computer for more things such as editing photos with the photoshop or videos with premiere I also recommend this little beast.



Since the quality of the screen is one of the best that I have found for this price range and if you have to work a lot with the color you are going to appear this type of thing in terms of the keyboard, the truth is that it is quite well when I started using it I did not place myself much on it because it was not used to but come on this is something that happens to everyone with any new keyboard after three days you end up being used to it that is to say that although Before we have told you that this laptop with the lights off can go through more or less a normal device by the time you turn on the lights they shine they shine of all colors and the most important thing shines very strong is more when I turn it on at night I feel like a fawn about to be hit by a car don’t get me wrong, ok the lights can be regular, that is, you can make them stronger or looser depending on.

What you want but the maximum brightness is quite level viva

What you want but the maximum brightness is quite level viva las vegas the keyboard itself is quite good it has a good journey it responds well and It has the letter eñe which is something that is always appreciated, perhaps what is most we could highlight is that it has a numeric keyboard that to me personally It is useless at all but that the programmers and the people who do things with numbers it is quite useful for them it is more for the relatively small that are this laptop are quite impressive that they have dropped a numeric keypad another thing that is pretty good about this laptop for the people who like Pisces is the number of entrances and ports that I am not going to tell you all of them because I do not want to put myself here either technical but it has practically everything until the entrance for sd cards and even usb type c port would be nice.

If this device could also be charged with a usb type c but hey at least we have one that is already more than that many laptops including mine can say very well all critical but and the price is good because this version of the r tx 2070 costs exactly one thousand 699 euros that may seem like a lot but it is extremely well priced and yes you do not believe me I invite you to amicably to look for laptops with 12 1070 that no decrease of the 1800 euros also the good thing, in my opinion, is that all This stem is combined with the size and weight that is quite low for Those of you who are interested here have a QR so you can buy it per pc components that.