The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021

The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021
The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021

Introduction Of The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021

The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021. xiao just took me out the final smartphone to finish off the rest of the competition in the high-end may this time be the definitive one and if we touch say which is the most complete high-end mobile that is going to leave us impressed is not a one plus or a galaxy note but the new sea or mm and 11 which has just been presented so if you think so let’s do it ok Xiaoming, you know the quality-price company had the other day a quite important presentation they wanted to present.

The best device until the date the phone rev Machito who was going to end the competition but someone a few hours before the presentation someone had already leaked all the data but hey it did not have much importance since the mobile itself is an absolute past and of course, as is normal because in a presentation of the brand because they will only give you the good data of that device is the same thing that happens with apple presentations by saying a name or with Samsung, we go the normal that nobody likes to throw on their roof when we have tested it we will bring you a more analysis detailed explaining the good things and the bad things.

The specs we already have on this device and that they look very good

But for now, we are going to talk about some of the specs we already have on this device and that they look very good is worth first of all and most important the screen this is the section in which the most emphasis has been placed on Xiaomi in all its presentation and promise some features that if met could make it the device with the best screen in the entire market as you know there has always been a step very difficult to beat for quality-price brands how could it be if I meet real me and other more established brands like Samsung that step is the screen that, as I have told you other times, almost all come from the Korean Samsung factory then. read more The New Xiaomi MI 11 The Best Flagship Device In 2021.

If your goal as a company of quality-price is to make a very good mobile and quite cheap you have a problem since you are going to have to call Samsung and tell them there you can pass one of those beautiful AMOLED screens that you make and Well, the Koreans will answer you, of course, we will be happy 500 euros per little screen you understand more or less what the problem is, not those screens usually cost more than all other components of the phone and therefore general brands like xiao my real my eye opt for options that although they are seen well they do not reach that extra that only the panels can provide you manufactured by the delicate hands of the Samsung dick.

But this year either has changed the strategy and if last year they had already increased considerably the quality of the panel with the TSA or mm and 11 that of this year Some of the most ridiculous specs ever come on no device to start 2k resolution 120-hertz refresh 1,500 thousand of brightness that is absolute madness and I do not know why anyone needs good 10-bit color depth that they are somewhat more technical things than if you want I will explain them another day but that Let’s say that it is quite good as you can imagine this because it is not believed anywhere and we’ll see where they got that panel from but I can anticipate that the price will surely increase.

A gigantic sensor that surely collects

A little compared to that of others years moving on to another topic recently we showed you this gigantic camera of Huawei thing but in the end, it was not and that because it makes us very angry because Nobody we like false people because he seems to me that he is going to have a gigantic sensor that surely collects more light than the average sensor and if you ask me, I prefer a device with two good sensors that the things we’re seeing now lately with four-five or even six so if you think like us and you think maybe six cameras then in mobile is not something extremely necessary, we encourage.


Best Xiaomi 2021 Top Best Quality Price In 2021

A lot and is completely free thanks to you good people and we will continue and well some of you for sure who is thinking about the typical phrase of a great power carries a great responsibility and more or less than what happens to this type of screens more powerful or good displays require more batteries to feed the i’s in Shiao mm and 11 will have 4 thousand 600 thousand battery amps that I assure you will give more than enough for a day of use which is normal and what we all use but mister rating I am a hardcore gamer and I need at least 14 hours of continuous use well dear friend may be what you need then this is the thing is that for.

The mobiles of now I consider that these batteries are perfectly big enough to spend a day with and big enough committed so that your mobile is not a monster of 4 centimeters in fat that is to say so that it continues to be beautiful and practical as well as All this we must also note that the bug comes with a fast charge of 55 watts which is quite fast normal with this type of loads is that in half an hour you have the mobile charged to 70% but more is also It may be om and saving on its 100-watt fast charge for the ultra version of this mobile as it happened with the previous one.

The controversy xiao me following the steps of apple

But hey if that happens We will tell you about it and also and if someone is interested, I suppose so the wireless charging is 50 watts and it has reversible charging of 10 which good boy well I personally this is something that I don’t use much but surely some of you I was interested and well we have reached the topic of the controversy xiao me following the steps of apple is not going to put a charger in the box with my 11 for themes of I open quotes environment I close quotes as you already know this is a marketing and business technique rather than ecology with which apple already started recently but hey we from here criticize.

The Marca de la Manzanita for doing this kind of thing, however, if he omic that Some of the smartphone markets know has promised that you will be able to buy the mi 11 also with the charger you may have to pay a little extra but it will not be the full amount of the charger so good if actually All this is a technique to save costs in one way or another, but therefore less and Omni because it hides it better and gives the consumer the option to choose if you want a charger or not and also and before moving on to the next topic there is also It should be noted that xiao has had all its devices for me for quite some time with usb type c charger so it is very likely that.

We already have one of these at home just the opposite of what happened with the iphone and well too there is the detail that the iphone costs 1,200 euros as for the price because there has been much speculation what is sure is that in China is going to cost about 500 euros but this our markets because we have to pay customs fees, is transportation a lot of money so surely well we will have it between 700 and 800 euros and if you are in Latin America dear friend then.

The same amount of internal storage it costs 200 euros

What those speculators and full-fledged games want to make you pay and well even though the price is still quite higher really good for competing, for example, the iphone 12 with the same amount of internal storage it costs 200 euros more, being a worse mobile in practically all of the sections from the camera battery screen through the charging power fast and the refresh rate surely this mobile gets enough criticism for being more expensive than the previous one but hey that in the end is from people.

Who does not wants to see that the mobile itself has improved and that you cannot offer more for less sincerely it seems to me that its main or only competitor if what we want to call this the most complete mobile on the market is the one that since We have always said that it is the one plus 8 pro and this time it seems to me that if a omni has really surpassed itself and has created the most complete mobile of the entire market and by the way a fact that I forgot before finishing the article is that it has the most powerful processor in the world snapdragon 878.