THE IPHONE 12 THE TRUTH UNCOVERED ABOUT THE IPHONE 12 PRO AND PRO MAX. Some people are so good today we come to comment on the recent presentation of the apple where they showed us apart from a magic egg the latest version of their phones you already know how we do things around here as we always tell you you already have 20 thousand channels drooling over Tim cook’s wallet and talking only about the good things so for a change we are going to talk about things bad things that we would have liked to see and that were unfortunately not those annoying details that apple has gotten us used to, for now, a few years old.

These mobiles have good things obviously that we are talking about of phones

So if in life you are looking for something more than someone who only says how nice of everything stay because today we are going to stamp us with reality head-on but that is better than marin in ignorance, no Before I start I’m going to do something that I only have to do in the articles where we criticize apple for what it will be but creating you are a hater you only say things bad apple is that perhaps you have nothing good to say about them and yes yes obviously.

These mobiles have good things obviously that we are talking about of phones that the cheapest is worth 809 euros at least in Spain- now good things have already been dedicated to explaining them in a macro presentation of millions of dollars by the apple itself and this does not go joking ’cause I think they built a house for the home ad pod mini what I mean is that if you want to see good things you already have those articles here we come to see the other part of the coin that I assure you that also It exists and by the way, if you see that we have to use images from other devices old of the manzanita on some occasion during this article is because as we always tell you and this is literal apple is the only company of technology that puts copyright strikes on creators like us for using even if it’s 10 seconds said this. Read More THE IPHONE 12 THE TRUTH UNCOVERED ABOUT THE IPHONE 12 PRO AND PRO MAX.

Now if we start people by where, obviously, by the telephone number that arouses the most interest in the budget among many apple quotes in effect we are referring to the new iphone 12,000 and if in previous articles we already talked about that google had gone out of its way making the pixel 5 a mobile phone 600 euros is a cheap phone because friends I got to the iphone 12 mini I see the price and I see that the version of 809 euros has 64 GB of storage space and the truth is that the only image that has come to mind is this And to see it is not that the mobile is not powerful or that it does not resemble the rest of iPhones but bastards do not see it as economical although good about this.

Who came out with the foolishness that is economical

Yes that you have to blame apple because those who came out with the foolishness that is economical are the of average technology and not them and well friends let’s be honest I don’t think there is anyone who buys this device with 64 GB of storage since it is more or less what my phones from 5 years ago so surely most people will end up buying the 860 euros or the 956 that already have a little more capacity but come on that is normal for this price and now we go with the one too We think it is the worst feature of the iPhone 12 but before.

I remind you that if you spent two seconds of your time and if you can do it in less you can leave me your best time in the comments and the winner will get I don’t know one Honorable mention in the following article but you have to give the like that you watched and new friends we have reached the best part of the whole review we are going to talk about ecology because apple is a company that cares about the environment that takes care of the animals and looks through the forests to which.



I like that this poor little squirrel has to suffer the consequences of soulless monster bill gates because now Apple will no longer include the chargers or headphones or probably the mobile phone in the box because so all together led by the pin apple we can reach a greener and cleaner future and a that’s how they wanna sell it to us but honestly, unless your brain is a damn potato there is no way for someone to create such garbage I’m going to say it very clearly ago you need to have new light amounts of to do something like that. these people are at another level are not governed by the natural rules that affect our world to even dare to justify it this way in the first place and saying.

The clear apple has always been through the Arc de Triomphe

The clear apple has always been through the Arc de Triomphe the environment, because I don’t know about you, a connector doesn’t sound like something as well as very useless that it loads slow and that has already received many notices for the European Union itself to eliminate a connector on the face of the earth called lightning and that it is exclusive to apple and that the only thing that does is make you have twice as many cables to charge the household gadgets because This brings more benefits to them since if it breaks the normal thing is that you have to go buy something of your brand.

But the level of hypocrisy is such friends that scoundrels dare to put in the box a usb cable type c to lightning and I tell you that if you come from the iphone old you might think well, as a loyal customer, I already have my charger from other years but not friends or not because this year your new cable is a usb type c to lightning while the rest of the years has been usb type to the normal of all our lives we are going to lightning so the ancients do not work unless Do you want to load at 5 watts that is to feed it apart, I already tell you I need to be blind not to see that this is the cheapest excuse and creep I’ve heard in the last few years and good about the headphones because if you want them you buy the spots kid if you have money for an iphone you should also have for one pod’s series at least that’s how.

I imagine apple managers justifying this decision but good changing the subject the last thing that we are going to talk about in this article is something that affects the screen but how can be Mr. Mister Crate and if I had understood that these iPhones have a super retina screen xd r let’s see to start the super retina screen x de r is not a novel technology that is going to change the way we see the world is neither more nor less than an OLED screen that will look phenomenal that it will look phenomenal that nobody denies it but do not think that it will be a titanic leap compared to other good screens such as those of the Samsung because.

That boasts of being the leading technology company in the world

I already tell you that it will not be among other things because it is Samsung who sell the screens to apple but where is the real problem is a couple of little things apple that boasts of being the leading technology company in the world remains stagnant in the past the first of those things is obvious and it is the Notts that for some reason that escapes in my interpretation apple has decided to maintain that aesthetic of drop no no no island is not aircraft carrier aesthetics dear friends possibly and I mean the users of to think the users with the largest night in the entire market except for black view bv 6,300 which is a 100 euro mobile but hey.

I think nobody will want to do that kind of comparisons the other thing to criticize about the screen is that our dear friends of the block at a time when everyone is betting on technologies of at least 90 hertz or 120 have decided to stay in the 60 of all the life that there is not that it is bad but I remember that there are 300 euro devices that already have 120 hertz and that this is one of those things that you can notice is that it also seems something typical of the apple of what iPhones could have taken breast.

If you always think about it have been very good in terms of user experience and it has always been noticed a natural softness in them for having their operating system and for having a higher-touch refresh rate compared to other mobiles because with this they could have made the ultimate user experience.