The Biggest Failures In The History Of Telephones

The Biggest Failures In The History Of Telephones
The Biggest Failures In The History Of Telephones

Introduction Of The Biggest Failures In The History Of Telephones

The Biggest Failures In The History Of Telephones.  Some of the devices that you are going to see for millennia have been then having come close to ruining their companies and the consequences of one of them continue to this day with some features that no phone should have so let’s go start with the lightest something lighter like a pasta salad so that go warming up here we have the one plus n 100 and the n 10 that do not you know nothing happens is normal because practically one plus has hidden under the rug on this channel we made a video specific to these two devices.

Who have not seen it, do not worry I am going to summarize it

But for those of you who have not seen it, do not worry I am going to summarize it, imagine a company one that is mainly based on two very simple concepts but curiously if you fulfill them you have an of the companies with the best opinion from their users that company was and it is uam plus that made phones with two characteristics number one phones good premium top is of the range as some say, that is, not a phone of the heap but practically the best there is and the number two quality price within what can be expected from a top-of-the-range phone the one plus phones weren’t cheap devices but at least when you bought them you felt like.

They weren’t ripping you off two hundred euros simply because the brand felt like it well now that you have the image of this brand in your head that offers products premium at a good price imagine the face that was left to all of us who we had some faith in them when they introduced not one but two devices that they were low-end and not only that but they were also quite high-end price this type of actions on the internet we know it by a very simple meme is have become everything they swore to destroy and this is a kind of dynamite to the foundations on which this company, because one plus is not Samsung, can not afford to do these things.

Because everyone knows them and does not have their economic power either i am saying one plus is dead is worth most users We trust that the next phone they launch will go back to normal and everything the world so happy forgetting what has happened but if they do a couple of more things like this it is possible that one plus ends up destroying the reputation that It has taken him so long to build, hopefully this is not the case because of him. good of all, next, how would my Mexican friends the LG wing the mobile acquaintance with the screen in the form of tea or as I call it the mobile with the f-shaped screen because the truth is that here we are already entering the field of the mentally harsh, that is, friends, engineers and designers of the shaft, I am going to ask you a question that perhaps you should have done.

It at some point in the development of this mobile

It at some point in the development of this mobile who the hell and I repeat who the hell has asked for a mobile shaped like everything fixes someone’s life this is that I imagine to the owners of LG mobile sector going out for a few beers after the work and between glass and glass stripe and try to hey manual for your moment that are Koreans listen here and if we make a mobile as normal as the rest but what it can be opened like a ninja star in the middle and that in the end it is in tea form and he answers here not only does it seem that way to be a very good idea but we are also going to sell it for more than a thousand euros And so friends, that’s.

How the LG wing was born, it’s a 100% true story and you can watch Wikipedia if you want I honestly believe that I have little more to say this failure is quite evident and you can see for yourself there is a motive that we cannot overlook more than anything because it is possibly the mobile with more hate of the whole year the iphone s 2020 that you may ask the hater deserved because yes they may have deserved it the truth because this device was presented to us as the iphone that everyone would be able to buy and the reality is that it has turned out to be an iPhone medium that everyone can buy that because then look to start there was a great list of YouTubers that.



I do not know what planet they come from who said this device was mobile cheap good or in English budget phone because they cost nothing more and nothing less than 500 euros which is good for what is apple is not crazy but it is still more expensive than 90% of the mobile phones that go on the market and well come to an iPhone for 500 euros where You have to sign because there is another problem with the bug in question apart from following being quite expensive it came with a screen and a repurposed design from ago three years.

Who does not want to see it is that he is blind

I am very sorry but this is so friends and who does not want to see it is that he is blind, look to illustrate what I am going to tell you, the other happened to my day I was opening and a drawer when Suddenly I found a very old mobile that was like three years old and I promise you that the first thing I thought was how these frames look like the ones from LSD 2020 because it is true and well friends you may think that it is only from the screen that the processor in the camera is not so bad but it is still so no matter how good the camera is, the battery screen is so bad that detracts from all the work the sensor can do because I keep remembering that.

This is not a 150 euro mobile that we have to ask for a little, it is not a range high of 500 euros and for this type of thing he has won the position in this good list but let’s go with the fat we have reached the most base phone of all of us who have in this top because of this wretch we decent people we have to eat one of the greatest evils of humanity pizza with pineapple you will wonder not what your parents ask you when you get home drunk nor a call with a heavy relative who lets go of the turra Well neither but it could because it is a cell phone no friends today we are talking to you the Samsung round the first of the curved devices the macabre the unfortunate the quarrelsome engineer.

Who was behind this creation in his moment I’m sure I didn’t already know that it ends to create a real monster this phone had many flaws it was very expensive had low battery its main functionality was not very useful and for Curvature fault I wasn’t wearing the S&P but none of this matters are worth the problem what leads him to be on the podium of shame is his lineage this phone was, let’s say, a pretty hard blow financially for Samsung come on because it didn’t sell and so I’m afraid of the line Samsung’s design must have been something like if curving the screens towards Inside we don’t sell if we bend them out we will triumph true yes friends.

When curved edges were born that feature that makes a mobile is much easier

It was exactly at that moment when curved edges were born that feature that makes a mobile is much easier to break you lose visibility you have reflections and even you accidentally press the screen we owe it all to this mobile from so Samsung never made a straight phone again all their devices began to have rounded edges and therefore most of the companies They continued on their way because they saw that people were funny about having curved edges and they seemed to like it that way just that way it created one of the most pernicious customs in the technology which makes us wonder what the world would have been like if the Samsung round would not have been an absolute failure.