THE BEST MOBILE PHONES YOU CAN BUY IN 2021 TOP 3 AMAZING SMARTPHONES. The truth is that some will surprise you because They are not so expensive if you want of quality-price phones go through the channel that you have them of all types and colors and finally if you feel wealthy and you are interested in some of the devices in this article That said now if we start the first these titans surprisingly it is a Xiaomi more specifically the seom and my 10 but this is quite funny if I allow the expression because there is an urban legend promoted by some colleagues in the sector if you can call them so he says that if he does not know to make high-end phones and let me tell you one more thing this is not even the.

That Xiaomi has that honor is the 1010 ultra these

The best device that Xiaomi has that honor is the 1010 ultra these They are the best phones you can buy and although you can buy the blue medium like practically all things in the land is a story since it is only marketed in China and you have it to import from a store like aliexpress which we do not know if It will reach all the countries where you see us so we have preferred to choose devices that have been released worldwide so that everyone can enjoy them if you have enough money clear but hey, going back to my 10 pros, what does this beast bring? almost the best in each section has the 865 of snapdragon How could it be otherwise, that is, the best processor today has also a super AMOLED 90-hertz display that we quickly recall for Those who are not all day looking at specifications means that.



The screen updates 90 times per second as opposed to 60 times per second. it is the usual and that makes everything go much more fluid it has 12 gb of ram 4500 milliamp battery and a special liquid cooling system such as If it were a gamer computer, the funny thing about this device is that it does not He is the best in nothing but he is the best in everything, I mean, he does not have the best screen or the fastest but it is one of the best they do not have the best battery but has a very good battery with the audio with the camera but where it does get chest is in the fast charging section where you can get up to 55 watts which is nothing.

The 120 watts of the ultra but that is still more than 99 percent

If we compare it with the 120 watts of the ultra but that is still more than 99 percent of the remaining phones yes yes yes very good boy from internet but then because it is in the third position because the truth is that It is for the same reason. After all, although it is very good at everything here it is not enough with that and apart from being the best the following devices they have something in which they are better than the rest although something necessary recognizes Xiaomi is that to be competing with these titans have a quite affordable price in comparison worth it and now we are going to talk about the deal you always remember true yes.  Read More THE BEST MOBILE PHONES YOU CAN BUY IN 2021 TOP 3 AMAZING SMARTPHONES.

I’m sure you remember the deal is the next you give him like and even to subscribe if you feel generous today for any reason and we leave you 10 seconds with red pandas that is a red panda this is a red panda so now I shut up and I leave you with them but be good people and leave me a like that costs you very little and it helps us a lot [Music] and well, it was time to talk about a device that for the price could rival an iphone 12 pro max in effect we are referring to the standard td Samsung for its high end the Samsung galaxy note 20 and as we said that we are going to deal only with the best versions specifically is the Samsung galaxy s 20 ultra 5g could put a name.

Samsung is the company that manufactures most of the screens and cameras

A little shorter but hey well friends and internet people before going to see the specific specifications of the device we are going to take a little tour of its screen that apart from being big huge titanic and devastating is also one of the best screens but the best smartphone screen on the market right now is more Why fool us, I already tell you, I am the best among other things because I do not know yes you know but Samsung is the company that manufactures most of the screens and cameras too, but that’s another issue and naturally these people make a couple of things about AMOLED panels so they put all that knowledge in this device and on the other hand.

I really know that everyone can not afford This device, contrary to what many people think, is not that I can buy but you can try it, I recommend doing it it was the typical Samsung store to see it right there the thing is that it does not exist not much difference with the screen is as good as the iphone 12 or the of other devices so much, however, we can appreciate that they are a step ahead and also contrary to apple although this device already been on the market for a while has its 120-hertz refresh rate every time I think about that business decision by apple, the screams are noticeable of rage that steve jobs from heaven but hey the point he wanted to get to is that the Nord 20 is possible.

The best device in the world if what you want is to consume multimedia content, which is what practically all the world with a smartphone you know they are one the horrible tick-tock from India and all those things webs of life but hey this smartphone is not just a screen since in the other sections there is plenty of it so that we do not have to worry about anything that is what we all want to see if you understand me is not the more powerful device because snapdragon processors are still a step ahead and I do not know why Samsung insists on continuing with its successes but don’t worry.

I did it very much it is not that I have the better battery

If you want to play free air or another game I did it very much it is not that I have the better battery or fast charging but it does have 5000 thousand amps and 45 watts of fast charging and believe me that with this even if it is not the best you are going to go overboard in terms of the camera, well the truth is that it is something difficult to assess to summarize we will say that it is among the best in the market but when combined with the screen of which we have already been speaking it seems even better so apart from being also one of the best cameras of any smartphone you will also be able to enjoy them like God in general, as always, Samsung does everything phenomenal and the only thing.

You have to do is pay for it but hey some people spend more in that section well and to finish the best device is the one fine plus 8 x 2 pro nothing is kidding I just mixed two devices but I have made it because the one plus 8 pro and the op of ayn x are practically the same mobile 2 pros are very very similar in practically all their specifications and this makes sense because both coco and one plus are part of the same parent company and good and in another case,s two devices look-alike is usually a bad thing because they tend to fall into some errors in this case not because for us they are practically the best devices.

That a person can buy with the money

That a person can buy with the money that is to say if Tomorrow you give me a mobile regardless of the price and they will ask me which one to choose and I would choose one of these two or the TSA or mmm and Diaz ultra that is another real monster the best thing about this device without a doubt is its screen we have already said it many times and it is that we do not know how to milk one plus has made for Samsung to leave this technology as already We have told you before Samsung is the main manufacturer of screens practically any high-end device whether it be apple or real me I Huawei handsome depend on Samsung to let you use.

Their screens on their best devices and as we have also told you, Samsung is not stupid and the best they keep it for them but something weird some kind of ritual or blackmail should have been done by the directors of one plus because it seems to be that subject x escaped from the Samsung sandbox and went to finish directly to the door of one plus it has 120 hertz same as the notebook trap and probably the best color representation of any if we add to that that it has an extremely high resolution of 1440 x 3,168 pixels make it one of the best devices to view content multimedia and all this is done for a price lower than the thousand euros that Let’s see, I know that at 900 euros it is a lot for practically all people.