THE 650 EUROS APPLE HEADPHONES AIRPOD MAX. There are people how are you going today we are going to talk about the new apple headphones the air pots max that you can find them from the modest price of $ 550 in the USA or 630 euros in Spain which by the way Apple I think conversions They work the other way around but hey you do your thing I don’t know if you know the headphones of the MX milk are wireless that is a real pass well apple has decided that they can do the same.

Earning more money and having to understand me on paper

But earning more money and having to understand me on paper is a good idea worth at less for the company what happens is that in the end, everything does not always turn out as we hope so if you think we are going to start with this story Well, here you have them, these beautiful shapes, this perfect geometry, those lines only available to the Olympian gods and technological designers are the new apple headphones something else not but the design team of apple always complies that in part that is why I think the company is where They are for 630 euros you can expect many things from a product especially when you are asking for more than double. Read More THE 650 EUROS APPLE HEADPHONES AIRPOD MAX.

What your competition is asking more direct as we have already told you are the are wh a thousand if you buy headphones like this you hope they sound better than you come with more extras with a nicer box a better charger and maybe a gift voucher for your next iphone and I don’t know how he managed apple but has managed to fail in every one of these things regarding the charger issue I imagine that many of you will already know the controversy apple’s decision to remove every charger from its products that are not from their stores because you can go and continue buying The ones for 50 euros extra.



But remember friends all this is not for the money it is for ecology it is for mother earth the Pachamama that excuse is already a little the truth is old, especially when you remember that the decision to make another type of simple charger for people to buy yours you already know the famous lightning used by all apple products or almost all of them because it will surely cost more to ecology than all American army aircraft carrier together the protective board is not bad ok as I said at the beginning of the article the apple designer team is milk but it shows that they have put aside functionality a bit in exchange of aesthetics that means.

That you are going to have to buy yourself a new case or not

That you are going to have to buy yourself a new case or not because surely if you buy one of these headphones You carry your cell phones without a cover, you have gold teeth and you have eggs for breakfast Benedictines but well, we will comment on this later And now that I think it would also be good to comment on the spare parts of the earmuffs or the rubber bands that cover the headset as such well the truth is that It seems to me that when I think about it it is a good idea that the tires separately because on occasion my helmets have screwed up and he had to buy me others because there were no spare parts now well I know that these gummies are also special.

I mean I have seen that they have a pair of magnets and that you can select the color you want but the problem as It is always that they cost 80 for glasses which is one of the largest leftovers that I have seen and believe me I have seen many apple products because in addition to this It must also be said that you cannot choose them at the time of purchase that if I want to buy, for example, black headphones and the red rubbers which by the way is the best choice and I don’t care what say I can not do it I have to buy myself in black headphones pay the 630 bucks and then the gummies in unicorn blood-red Well, another 80 euros I know, give me crazy.

But it may not cost them much let people choose the color they want for their armadillos and if for some casual I am a true lover of sound and I want to buy the cable the lightning to minijack because you like to carry a cable and not depend on the drums or just to get the best sound transmission in that case Well, you will have to spend another 30 euros for that cable but hey this is quite ‘light’ compared to the rest and good to finish I have to do two clarifications the first is the type of public to which this product is directed are either practically collector audiophiles or people with a lot of pasta and blind apple fan but sharp audio to choose one wired option.

The only person you will see on the street with one of these

This leads us to the only person you will see on the street with one of these is someone who needs to go telling others look how much money I have and how empty my heart is and more being so obvious that are headphones and what are they are and are not from a rare Chinese brand are a top option in all 22 and they are also twice as cheap but then because apple has released these devices well I’m going to tell you in brands that sell more than just products that are, they also sell status because let’s be honest in apple it is like that there are what we say two types of products are those that have a slightly inflated price but within the reason that.

There would go into ipads and macbooks and that you understand that being paying extra for a premium service and then there are the products of prestige that they are a minority but that they are out there to remind the rock that they everyone can have a product of that brand These are the ones that normally the rock has gone crazy with you, you have to sound some of them because basically they are the ones that everyone has done Some memes for example could be the support for the screen that does not the screen.