SURFACE Laptop 4 VS MacBook Air M1 In 2021

SURFACE Laptop 4 VS MacBook Air M1 In 2021
SURFACE Laptop 4 VS MacBook Air M1 In 2021

Introduction Of SURFACE Laptop 4 VS MacBook Air M1 In 2021

SURFACE Laptop 4 VS MacBook Air M1 In 2021. I also have to tell Microsoft something that does not finish me convince and it is the issue of the own port they have their port or surface to charging the device still comes with that hip flask that connects to a power cord light to the electric current and it still seems like everything much more outdated however in the case of apple it comes with simply its usb cable with the charger to the wall and you are direct with that charge this device it is true that he arises and can be charged by usb that is also interesting here is a negative point in the case of for you is the issue of the ports.

Two positions are in the tree three only two ports and the 3.5 mini-jack

We only have two positions are in the tree three only two ports and the 3.5 mini jack are very few and when it is you connect to load you only have one free but if there is something that is not you would have to copy Microsoft for that this very few ports in the same way but one more if we count the cargo because we can load it through this single port on the right side and On the left side, you do not have a traditional usb and a usb type c as well as the 3.5 mini-jack port that is to say that if we put them to load we would have one more port in the case of the windows computer but at the Maybe the usb port we have is not a thunderbolt port and it is true that the Surface slot is on the right side.

It would also be useful to connect a dock and add quite a few more ports but it’s something other than usb thunderbolt already allows us to so please Microsoft people think to abandon that surface port and started thinking about usb type c Thunderball 4 for example because I think it will give much more play thinking we could have put an external GPU and used all the windows gaming environment with this laptop so light and thin although I also understand that people who buy this type of laptop are not so gamer or at least it seems to me and values ​​more design themes and that little ps to take here and there well aside from all this there are much more interesting things such as unlocking already within.

What are other teams found a camera in both cases 720 for videoconferences and in the case of windows this camera also us thus allows facial recognition and super fast unlocking, on the other hand, Paul keeps betting everything on the tour there is a fingerprint reader inside the keyboard which also works incredibly well and here there are differences but everything is on how each of these companies has thought about the software so I’m not going to talk about this a lot because it goes a lot in tastes and I want to talk now about the screen in both cases we have 13-inch screens with similar resolutions because it may have a little more definition retina screen of this MacBook Air is technology very good brightness.

I think it is a clear point for Microsoft that in addition to the good quality

But without more, while here I think it is a clear point for Microsoft that in addition to the good quality of the screen with 5 inches offers us touch support to be able to use it with our little hand and also introduces the support to use it with our surface pencil something that if you had the app the second generation pencil you could not do with your MacBook because here those technologies are not compatible small visits that are taking steps in u another direction, having said this, we are going to make a small sound comparison. After all, It is also something that is traditionally said that MacBooks are very good and I here I have quite a few doubts.

So judging yourselves having shown this, I particularly believe that they are a little better than the MacBook for the arrangement of the speakers I think that being in the top sounds better and projects better towards the user without, However, those on the surface bounce downwards and have as that loss of sounds but if you put it close you can see that they are also very very good worked in any case very difficult because.

We are talking about very premium equipment and that they are at a very good level and if anything it was with two clear points to finish this one very few differences connectivity in both cases point 5 16 here the roots both super well and on the other hand a theme that has very little mystery or the whole world because we are going to talk about processors while that in the case of the MacBook air and we include the new processor in euro of apple that has the graphics and everything integrated inside this processor we have multiple options from Samsung from the risen 5 m which would be the cheapest version of all up to for example the intel i7 with up to 32 gb of RAM which obviously will be noticed in the price and I want that to review now because here it is very difficult to measure honestly.

We have a brand power for people who intend to buy equipment of 1 kilo

I believe that in both cases we have a brand power for people who intend to buy equipment of 1 kilo and that is 8 millimeters I think nobody is going to ask to this the graphic power that can be asked to a tower or a MacBook pro but even so there are substantial differences that is to say it is noticeable that the m1 is very well optimized and this will lead me directly to talk about the topic of optimization and operating system so first tell you what changes here are the prices if you buy the base MacBook m1 with 8 gb of RAM It starts to cost a thousand 129 euros and we could go up to 1,800 euros and we put 16 gigs of ram and up to 512 gb of internal storage for another Part of the surface issue, the cheapest processor is the raisin 5, which is the one that It, therefore, has this price of 1,129 euros and if.


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We go up we could have a 7 with 32 gigs of ram memory and in that case we would not go up to about two thousand euros but it is that if we go to the Hayden version even to the 15 version inches because this device also has a 15-inch option. We will go to three thousand and something euros but three thousand long 3600 which is a laptop quite clear but it is also what sells Microsoft in this aspect not that it is a premium team and that it can reach that clear big level said this as I said let’s talk about optimization which is for me the big difference between these two operating systems is two contrary philosophies because I think this is the perfect excuse to make my comparison of windows against macula is very brief because I have my ways of seeing it that is to say many times.

I see comparisons in which someone tells you that the MacBook is better to edit but without However, this is not the case because if you install the premiere on a team of two thousand euros of windows and then you install adobe premiere on a two thousand computer euros with McCoy is surely work better on windows because windows usually sell more hardware and raw power however in the case from the mac team or are it surely if you go to the end here then you experience will be much better than any experience with premiere is say apple is better for editing its optimized programs are not better for, That is to say, I think it works very well if you previously go through it. and decide to use your system because.

It is so well worked for example let’s talk about the trackpad

It is so well worked for example let’s talk about the trackpad in both cases the transport is super good they are very fine in the tactile response it is wonderful but it shows that when applying gestures in the case of the MacBook you have it integrated into the system and spend Control or screen-to-screen admission is lightning fast while Microsoft because in the end, as I said, it has another philosophy, it has to do an operating system that works on 200 euro computers and that works in computers of 3000 and the trackpad because.

It does not have all those possibilities because they are designed to be very versatile in that great windows and I love it and we would also talk about the video game environment and what they are working on that seems like a real past I just say that it depends a lot on so that you are going to use the equipment and support it is better if you go through the hoop but if you particularly want, then today use da Vinci tomorrow premiere and past such and not marry any previous ecosystem and in that windows is better is more versatile and better suited to multiple users without asking for something from change then they are as I said tablets concept differences.

That are noticeable even in battery consumption in both cases it had a very good performance similar that it is around 14 hours but in the case of windows despite that this is a real pass because I repeat windows has to adapt to any hardware in the world and that’s amazing though in the event that for example you are rendering video as final cut store hardly affects it and However, without the surface you are editing video, you can see that consumption is resents and those are the differences of concept that.