Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra The Samsung Revolution

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra The Samsung Revolution
Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra The Samsung Revolution

Introduction Of Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra The Samsung Revolution

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra The Samsung Revolution. How we find both laptops and folding tablets either with windows or with android in this case both platforms are used without any problem and we even see cameras under the screen and of course devices, Rollable by all this height that the firm itself generates was not an unreasonable dream of a galaxy device no 21 rollable or foldable for this year 2021 but this is where the statements of his ugly the one who is left come into play taco that already said in March that it was very likely that there would not be for this year.

This device galaxy no 21 ultras I want to take advantage here

A version of galaxy and no 21 and is that this said in March had the look of being more of a commercial strategy than of a clear need, perhaps because not reached the deadlines and this is where two very clear the first that on the one hand, they have not had the capacity for the shortage of chips to be able to arrive on time with this device galaxy no 21 ultras I want to take advantage here also to say that I uploaded a video explaining all this problem and all the mess that it involves between several companies.

How the trade war between us and china affects all this mess and how they are starting to make agreements so far never seen so I’m going to leave it here in case someone is interested because it is also there I see very in-depth but as I said there is a second option and that is not Samsung arrived on time for this know 2021 because it really was proposing something very innovative something different a roll-up device and not has given them time logistically and deadlines to have it ready this summer I opt for an intermediate option, on the one hand, I don’t think that Samsung is going to renew its galaxy line know why it does not usually do it when.


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I want to make a folding mobile it creates a new folding line even if He is small or big and he differentiates them and I think he would not continue to be the nou for you a little more square a little more in the vein of the s-21 ultra that we have seen before for this year and I understand that at a certain time when there is insufficient silicon supply and processors and all this problem because I have opted for the option of the park this more traditional mobile and thus give priority to more projects innovators who are working and it is that of course with all this in mind I have a way of seeing it and that is that as I understand it, our 21-year-old know for this year is the galaxy fold 3 thinking this mobile already came out in 2019 and in 2020 for me, it took a giant leap and became my favorite mobile of that year well.

I think the natural thing is that this continues

I think the natural thing is that this continues to be the same, also look at this tweet that put the universe in which he talked about the processor this device is top secret ok I understand that if Samsung has a new according to Qualcomm and they can do something really powerful they are not going to call top secret to a device that has a snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 I think we are going to see something much more powerful much more interesting and all this has a lot of sense if we add it to a presentation made by Samsung of foldable 8 k OLED screens with more than 1000 dots per inch eye that this is double what we currently see on an s 21 ultras for example.

So there is a lot of development put in the future and the range did not emerge to give to users more screen and we will agree that today the ranges sy The ones are no more similar than ever, it makes no more sense for us to see a folk foldable with the spirit of the first, not giving us more screen in less space I think the idea goes out there and even for users who follow wanting a mobile a little bit in the same traditional vein so to speak of the current smartphone I think that Samsung will also release the galaxy s 21 efe from the that has been rumored for a long time so I think that is going to be the mobile for those who asked for renewal to the galaxy s 21 that already.

We know this said to give a little context this is not

We know this said to give a little context this is not new that is usually the galaxy s were presented in February March and the galaxy no out was presented in September well, a year ago in which these dates are completed by the galaxy theta flip and the galaxy z failed both September and February while the Samsung galaxy s 21 has been presented at the beginning of January and the galaxy no 20 from last year it was presented at the beginning of August, therefore, this is a movement much broader strategic strategy that has been in the making for a long time, perhaps for this year they have made a virtue of necessity and have decided to accelerate the project.

But I think this makes a lot of sense and I think it is something that I was raised and I sincerely want to ask only the question you prefer to see a galaxy know 21 ultra that looks a lot like a galaxy s 21 ultras only with the integrated spin instead of having a separate cover as we saw recently in the latter I believe that this is the best option for many users they do not want it and in this way they do not pay for it but if someone needs it, they will buy because the mobile is capable of supporting it so in my opinion.