Realme 8 5G Where’s the catch

Realme 8 5G Where's the catch
Realme 8 5G Where's the catch

Introduction Of¬†Realme 8 5G Where’s the catch

Realme 8 5G Where’s the catch. The real my 8 normal old that there is an interesting thing and it is that both the 10s as the real mi 8 are practically the same mobile is that it is exactly a spec clone one by one same processor sensors in the cameras very similar but beware in both cases we have screens of 60 hertz versus 90 say that we found in this 85 g, therefore, you will see that there are even things that could tip the balance towards this 85 g despite how I say that we have the same prices and it is now that he went on to talk about what would be the internal processor we have it and 700 email processor compared to the Lyon 95 of the other two mobiles that.

We have versions of 4 6 gb of RAM

We have on the sides and in the same way, we have versions of 4 6 gb of RAM and versions of 128 in the starting prices remember in all the time that we are talking about the same price range they get very very little and it depends on the offers you find on each page so how I will always leave the links in the description said in which I have noticed the biggest difference going from a real my 8 normal to an 85 g Apart from the design that if they take a little, I think that this is already in taste almost the same size for everything there is no really clear difference yes that For example, you can see.

What the fingerprint reader would be inside the screen in front of the fingerprint reader on the side-mounted on the chassis I think for price-adjusted mobiles this reader usually works much better and This is already a very personal opinion, but as I said, regardless of what design is but with very very few differences where I most noted what is on the camera is the camera what I see that has very differentiable points in the real much we had a 64-megapixel sensor compared to the 48 megapixels of this real min 8.5 g even though the module can give us to understand that we have four cameras and the real my eight that have four cameras with a macro telephoto and wide-angle.

We have three cameras as I said before 48 megapixels

While in the case of the real nor 85 we have three cameras as I said before 48 megapixels then we would have the macro lens and then the monochrome that I would accompany the camera if it is true that on the subject of battery and fast charging there is also a factor and that is that although the two have 5000 milliamps and a battery and similar performance I think What else to change as I said is that 90-hertz screen and a little larger with 5 inches compared to 6 with 4 inches of the real nor 8 normal but that In this case, I think that what I did want is not appreciated on a day-to-day basis. to emphasize is that the 5g version lowers.

The fast charge to 18 watts compared to 30 watts of its more traditional brother so ok with all this is the head How much is 5g worth considering that we have two very similar mobiles that in this case is real thousand eight real my 85 g where we have lost where we change one thing for another I think some things can be more understandable talking about different mobiles, that is, we lose a bit of fast charging from 30 to 18 watts versus gaining 90 hertz on the screen at refresh rate let’s say those things can generate a tie I think the A big difference as I was saying is the camera where we did go from having four cameras with a sensor is a little more developed to go to a triple opposing camera.

The 5g is a factor differential thinking of mobile in the future

We have 5g and then it is worth losing some camera to have 5g connectivity that answer is answered by each one with their use and with their way of understanding the mobile there are people who prefer a thousand times a little better camera but I am going to give my more personal opinion of the jce for today the 5g is a factor differential thinking of mobile in the future if what you want is a mobile that it lasts a short time because if the 5g infrastructure is not so developed outside of big cities for a 5g mobile to make sense because obviously if you don’t live in a very urban area then it’s not worth it that I spend the money to have 5g.