PORTABLE QUALITY PRICE YOU DON’T KNOW TOP 3 PORTABLE QUALITY PRICE. It was about time it released a laptop capable of surpassing this beast today we are going to introduce you to the hp pavilion gaming 15 and before impressionable little people start crying that hp has heating is to say that this is already past water if it is It is possible that their old products could be used as stoves in the harsh winter nights but come on friends it’s time to turn the page there is no need recognize that hp has become in recent years one of the best quality-price brands from outside China clearly and already entering with the good things about.

The new generation of root processors In the roots in 4000 more

The laptop as such the first news that makes me a lot of illusion to be able to give you the is that includes the new generation of root processors In the roots in 4000 more specifically the version that we leave you here below is the root at 4,600 this processor is an absolute beast it may be even too powerful as we explain in a video that we leave you here above these processors have some incredible advantages over the typical intel processors in the first place is much more efficient than of course. Read more PORTABLE QUALITY PRICE YOU DON’T KNOW TOP 3 PORTABLE QUALITY PRICE.

It makes the battery last a long time but a lot longer too they are processors that are expressed so to speak much less producing a lot less heat and therefore less overheating problems and in Generally they are processors that apart from all that are more powerful than the rest options and if to all that you add that the laptop It is well built that it is not so ugly for a gaming laptop and that costs 650 euros we have before us a clear candidate for the best portable power price of the entire market and probably the best option If what you want is a cheap gaming laptop, I’m not going to lie to you either. the graphics card is not the most powerful in the world since it is 1050 of envy of 3 gigabytes.

But for that price the truth is that few things better you will find or rather none and the truth is that we should give more than enough to play most of the titles in a decent quality what I also say from experience since this was my old graphics card and it allowed to do practically everything if you are interested, you have the link in the description of both this and the rest of the laptops that appear in this video and they come with amazon prime you already know straight to your house and before moving on the next post.

How is it going to be these computers?

We will continue with a laptop that already We have tried on this website, that is, a laptop that we have already recommended to you other times the honor magic book but excuse me, sir of internet, how is it going to be these computers that we do not know if you have already recommended this on your good channel Question did you want.

I find that between calls recommended this computer strongly in many articles people still have a little stigma with him and preferring other options such as the game with my book later we will see why this predilection but first we will go to the characteristics of this pc well when we see the normal book we see a computer that is focused on students and working people good people to start is a device that does not weigh much and has dimensions quite reduced more specifically the bug weighs 138 kilograms that I already tell you I stop the piece of change although.



I carry every day on my back no the computer is not bad as such it is quite beautiful with its adjusted frames and a minimalist design and also has an aluminum chassis that the truth is that at these prices it is something quite difficult to find that is to say that At the moment the computer is already light, beautiful and well built, because to all this We must also add that it is powerful because for the 600 euros it costs We also have a root m of 53 thousand and seeing this will help us to play to games in 4k but is that this computer as we have said before is aimed at people who are going to use it to do jobs that is to say that with this good processor.

The classic computer jerks You already know the typical trinkets

We will not have the classic computer jerks You already know the typical trinkets that they left you at school in addition to all this we must add its last two positive points, the first one is that It has a very good battery that will last us up to 10 hours of use and that is it can charge really fast plus or minus 46 percent in half an hour and The second point is that it has new technologies for the use of data such as those of the ssd pci-express that the truth is not going to explain why I know it would make everything very complex but that translates into memory transferring data faster then it seems like the ultimate computer not because people He does not buy.

It because basically, his keyboard is not in Spanish. we have said other times that this is not a big problem I am doing this video from an English keyboard and I can write the ñ as you will see now same perfectly on screen however what did just finish deciding the balance is that its sister devices, that is, the Huawei media 14 and 15 are practically a copy of this device only that also have the option to put the keyboard in Spanish and they have all the good things that we have already named only with a little bit worse but in return, he has the keyboard with the letter n I would really buy the magic book but I also understand that there are people.

A lot of rages you see his name is m6g 66 Ryder or ms and Ryder

Who prefer the Huawei so that’s why I’m going to leave the two of us down there and well friends now let’s talk about the dream wet of all gamers yes friends in the last position we bring you a lot of rages you see his name is m6g 66 Ryder or ms and Ryder for friends has also a lot of letters and numbers behind but I’m not going to bother you with that nonsense this may not be the cheapest laptop you’ve ever seen Okay, we already recognize it but you are not going to be able to deny me one thing and is that he is handsome guys for what gaming laptops have been having a sober design that can take you to work or class when you are a productive person with dreams for your life and that kind of thing.

But for another part you can light up your whole room like it’s a damn disco with the rgb bar that includes at the bottom of the keyboard usually rgb is a dangerous thing because there is a fine line between something that is cool and a laptop that looks like a cheap light fair but the truth is that in this it seems to me that everything is very well brought and well they always say that Comparisons are hateful but we have to make them like it or not because when i first saw this device i really thought it was a alien web.

The most famous brands of expensive laptops and gaming

That in case you do not know it is one of the most famous brands of expensive laptops and gaming maybe the only difference is that this device does which feels quite well built because over time many have been critical of the build quality of Alienware and also its quality-price but hey that is another issue and it is not that their computers are not beautiful or that do not have power is simply that it seems to me that when it’s time to assemble the something fails but hey in this case as.

We are talking about the ms and Ryder nothing of their own since this laptop feels good solid and rocky is very well built to sum it up is a laptop that costs two thousand euros and that only a privileged few they are going to be able to afford but we come outwells they are the same and are world-famous.