PHONES WITH THE BEST CAMERA 2020 TOP SMARTPHONES WITH BEST CAMERA 2020. We talk about buy laptops without an operating system because it is very easy to install and also There are pages where you can buy them extremely cheap, well this is one of those pages where you can buy windows keys for less than 15 euros completely illegal apart as a special gift they have given us a code for this black Friday 30% discount as we leave it in the description that is to say that the completely legal windows key are left to you 10 euritos the truth and after this is that if you continue to have windows 10 pirate is because you want in the article.

Keys cheap windows games

You would be leaving all the simple steps that you must follow to activate the keys so you know if you want keys cheap windows games or whatever buy them in good offered in you for the ok kid is to say quickly that we are going to structure this article in different price categories so that all ranges are covered we will quickly go through the most economical range since there is little competition the truth is that in this price range from 150 to 200 euros the cameras look a lot alike that stands out but almost all are practically the same here we have selected the minute rate 9 pro that has four cameras is not something either negative as such but good.

The main sensor, in general, is not bad and you also have three complementary cameras in case you feel alone On the cold winter nights to start with the serious things let’s see a mobile that we have never recommended the TSA or mi 10 te light and Before we start talking about him we have to make a little parenthesis to on the guy who names the desired products because There are attentive to this on Wed 10 Middle East Minute 10 Light this light and me out 10 light and if this part has had to record several times because.



I have confused a few to summarize are three devices with three shortened versions with names practically the same we have already observed some of your comments saying that you had doubts about these devices the truth is normal until we that we are supposed to dedicate ourselves to this Sometimes we confuse but hey so that it is clear to you the device of which let’s talk is 1010 the light and coincidentally it is also the one that has come out the market less time ago the smartphone as such is phenomena I say in case you care about something else apart from the camera the device It has four lenses in its camera, the first one and the most important is a 64 megapixel.

One also has a wide-angle one specific for portrait

One also has a wide-angle one specific for portrait and another macro that is to do things to tiny photos as we always tell you the articles of cameras the megapixels of a camera does not is that they are the most important thing to know if you are going to take good photos other things influence much more, such as the interpretation mechanisms used by the camera that’s why almost everyone who wants the best photos uses the Yi google cam because it basically has better color rendering and so sees how good the camera is, looks, you know that we are not used to talking about other channels at least not about technology but it is worth naming a article they made. Read More PHONES WITH THE BEST CAMERA 2020 TOP SMARTPHONES WITH BEST CAMERA 2020.

A few weeks ago on top of the range about the comparison between this device and the iphone 12 pros where they took the same photo taken for these two mobiles and they uploaded it to Twitter and did a survey to see what otto was the one that she liked the most people was practically a technical tie between both devices of done in many cases it came out quite a winner and I remind you that the modes light It costs expected moment that I am going to calculate it one thousand 160 between 300 yes exactly 3 like 87 times less than the iphone 12 but now see the truth is that the iphone camera is better it is more complete it has more whip is more the iphone 12 spoilers will be in this article.

But the mere fact that it exists the possibility of comparing them should give you an idea of ​​the power of this device and that in general there is not much difference from one to the other by the way if you want any of the devices that we are going to talk about In this article we leave them for the description so that you do not have to complicate life and good friends remember that if you are you can give the pair of buttons those that are down there today we bring you something more demure the World Cup finals 1972 chess between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky and the truth is that I have no chess idea.

About two devices the one plus 8 pro and the TSA or my medium blue trap

But well it’s a final so it has to be okay, no ok let’s move on now to the real titans of this top let’s go talk about two devices the one plus 8 pro and the TSA or my medium blue trap like You know we will never forgive him Asia or me that he does not feel like taking the measure ultra in the rest of the world because they only take it out of China, unfortunately only you can buy on aliexpress with the Chinese robe this phone has some of the most absurd specifications that there is in any device we are talking about things like 120 watts fast charging 144-hertz soda on an excellent screen or of course and the reason.

Why is in this article a terrifying sensor in the rear that probably makes one of the best photographs of any mobile but as I have told you I understand that there are people who are not going to spend that money on a device and I prefer to have the comfort of having a guarantee in Spain ‘and of having a global rom but this mobile exists and we couldn’t go over it without naming it anyway in the description we are going to leave the link in case you are interested the option we have chosen to replace it is probably the phone more complete that exists today the one plus 8 pros that can be found for 670 euros in amazon right now and I’m going to tell you one thing you can tell that?

These people know what they do, the mobile may only have three sensors, but no more is needed many times some YouTubers complain about the dubious way of choosing sensors on some phones since most people what he prefers is a good main camera and then a wide-angle to be able to have a little more field of vision and maybe a telescopic that you help to do some zoom but it’s already there so that’s pretty weird that many times manufacturers claimed to take sensors such as macro or super telescopic.

A telephoto just what the vast majority of users are waiting

That although they are things that are not wrong sincerely nobody has order and stop putting a wide-angle on your device at the cost of an of these, you do not ask me well, in fact, yes but I do not think it is the smarter option but in the one plus 8 but we have only 3 cameras like such a main the wide-angle and a telephoto just what the vast majority of users are waiting and I think it’s great that as an extra they have included a sensor infrared to give cool effects to your list photos so that your face is looking at you but it is what I tell you that is very good but it is done once now you have covered the basic sections but hey a phone would not be in this top just for having chosen the sensors well the thing is that it is also which are excellent sensors that have one of the best balances of the color of any phone. Like That PHONES WITH THE BEST CAMERA 2020 TOP SMARTPHONES WITH BEST CAMERA 2020.

This phone is let’s say the ‘Chinese reeves of The TV because it is cool it suits him very well black and everyone else wants to look like him and well it also costs an egg but you know it’s worth it in the end I know I messed it up a bit with shoehorn but as a curiosity, I am going to tell you that one plus has released an edition special for cyberpunk 2077 where you guess who is a character Exact main the Dion week that by the way, this guy does not look like a monton Aquino reeves and good friends to finish we have the real tops of all the tops in the first place the iphone 12 pros of which already We have talked to you before, although in this case, the doped version is the max.

The truth is that it must be said that this year Apple

The truth is that it must be said that this year Apple has caught up with about the camera we also have to say that possibly this is because still, The new Samsung models have not come out but still it is necessary to recognize that the photos do not look bad at all and have solved some problems last year as the wide-angle that the truth is that in the iphone 11.

It was not the best but above all, there is the fact that it has a really Well I did not tell you before but the reason why the middle camera is light could compete with that of this monster of 1,300 euros is that the survey I was tweeting and people were viewing the photos from the same device obviously if we put the photos of the iphone on iphone screen and Xiaomi photos on TSA or me screen the difference and so it would be a lot crazier but much of that difference it would only be by the screen and we are not going to judge a camera by the screen that reproduces the photos in contrast to this mobile.