ONEPLUS DOES NOT BUY THIS SMARTPHONE. Today we can officially say that we attended a funeral today friends that brand known by many as a benchmark of quality-price and how Yes, there can be top-of-the-range phones for less than what you earn in a year. has become everything he swore to destroy a few days ago one plus has announced their new phone an affordable phone the cheapest ever I have done one plus the problem is that it is not worth that money like that that if it seems friends to you.

We are going to see this betrayal that is almost as ugly

We are going to see this betrayal that is almost as ugly as when your brother stole your last parrot and well people how are you taking good care of your cat or that in the end if it is to live here a review of the new one plus tell you that you are going very wrong for that there are already a bunch of other tech channels here which we are going to do is a philosophical reflection because philosophy is not so bad of why one plus that brand that some have in an Olympus has betrayed its most basic principles is worth to summarize one plus has taken out.

A device for about a hundred euros more than it should well until there, of course, you don’t have to spend ten minutes talking about that The fact is that the same thing happens every year with technology companies that all we know and nobody says anything because after all spend a hundred euros in a thousand phone number because it only represents 10% of the price but if you do exactly what same with a 300 phone because we are already talking about 34 percent of the final price you see how things change a lot but not only I think that there are rather two factors that have made the rock get so angry the first one I just told you.

But the second is that many of us had Guam plus as a standard of quality-price because In other brands like me that is Samsung. After all, you understand that it is Samsung and that they’ll smoke on low-end phones in exchange for you in quotes you have the confidence that it is Samsung and that they have larger networks of distribution and blah blah blah anyway someone you know steals from you to understand us however one plus that up to now has a history to the specimen has made a movement that does not fit his personality is as if the shy child at school, the one who always got good grades will throw a draft at the teacher because if you know what.

The history does not end here this was not the only device

I want to tell you, no but hey, We always leave you here for a few seconds of cute animals specifically the koalas that you asked us in the last video is more You also told us that you wanted us to leave you a little longer truth that I have read you well there you have it so we become the damned national geographic but please remember to like the video [Music] friends and colleagues but is that the history does not end here this was not the only device that one plus presented also released a very very cheap smartphone even cheaper than.



The above is something that one plus had never done it is so cheap that We can consider it as low-end the one plus north n 100 that you imagine this for a moment one plus the brand that from the day it was created is dedicated to releasing high-end or at least medium-high devices such as the one plus 2 the one plus 3 without going any further but now it takes out a device that It costs about 150 euros, look, you know that Apple is not exactly the brand of technology that I appreciate the most but if something must be recognized is that brand image is flawless clean crystal clear like my glass eye uncle Ignacio apple is the brand of high-end premium products.

That brings out high-end premium products that is in 2020 ls 500 euros but they are still 500 euro points and that is high-end people tend to feel identified with brands because at the end of the day they are the things that you you buy the ones you choose and to some extent they talk about you about how you are without However, here is one plus a brand traditionally with an audience that looking for ultra range or when you are taking out a range product low and not only that but it is a bad low-end product because if.

I would have gotten to get something super competitive

I would have gotten to get something super competitive because they could still have it sold as they are the white knights who have come to clean this Pestilential world of the low-end however they take out a device of the range average of the generic heap congratulations friends of one plus you just pulled by Your whole reputation as a premium brand of good quality is bordered on it. a lot of people in the comments say that it appeals you get a cheap device that would be made of gold but that is literally.

What not they can do because it would be to lose all the essence that has cost them so much build sincerely is not such a big mistake that of aguán plus vale but in our opinion, they are playing with a fire they are risking to look like one more brand of the lot and that friends that are not good for a brand and Finally as a last negative point and that I did not like anything are that they have started to put names of I explain until now everything had been very simple one plus a number such as one plus 7 or one plus 8 or recently one plus more norm which is something quite simple but go into the territory wishes or me of the type one plus north n 100 or one plus north end 5g is something.

That honestly is already starting to give me a certain creep just to think that I am going to have to pronounce it, I know that many of you do not care but also many people who are ultra lost with the names of for example xiaomi all the red me who are fully involved in this but that let’s hope they don’t follow that line, well folks up to here the video either we are going to extend more it was a quick news and we for the moment and if not It has been clear to you that we do not recommend these two devices and although one plus keep having part of my little heart.