New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021

New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021
New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021

Introduction Of New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021

New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021. The new operating system that Huawei mounts not only on mobile phones or tablets but on all computers, that is, they have created a real ecosystem in which everything is working with the same operating system takes years working on this going to the knife for the rest of because you know what happened, the trump veto began, Huawei was banned had contact with American companies and it is in this way doing of necessity virtue with which Huawei has had to reinvent itself and looks exceptionally well I have been able to test for example the new iPad 11 not.

How it works in the ecosystem

I have been able to try the pro version but still, with this, I liked the experience at first when you use it you do not feel that it is very different from 1,011 looks quite similar in a comfortable with a quick start but without, However, when you scratch a little, the differences are appreciated of course in the name of the operating system as soon as you click on the updates You put harmonium is the second version because this would already be the version a little more definitively that these teams mount but the most incredible of all is how well  It feels like I thought that in the case of equipment that is not yet for sale they would be more like a prototype with some problems the and all that is. Read More New Huawei P50 Pro Plus The Depth Review He Break The Market In 2021.

What It is usually seen in this type of operating system but the truth is that it is not It is true that the transitions are superfluid, the new redesigns have liked very much to push something feels really very comfortable very intuitive even all new management talk and pedal search all feel spectacular and that’s what I liked the most of all the desire that I have been able to test an operating system like this so different but at the same time they feel so in harmony with what we had seen In the past, that’s why it had that name, because what’s more interesting is how it works in the ecosystem that you can integrate your mobile within the tablet or your tablet directly projected on this new monitor.

That it also has the harmonium is because Harmon I is is in all this that I am Seeing here is a professional monitor that I already tell you is an authentic last it may try to mimic a bit the x of rd apple but still, the monitor shines on its own never better said because the patella the quality of the materials the ports everything seems to me very well raised and in the same way shape would also have this other curved monitor that would be more thought for the gaming and that on the base they have decided to put a voice with touch control there is nothing one of the best ideas for a base on a curved monitor but is that as.

We will be able to consume all multimedia content

I said the 9 do not end here they have also presented TVs or more than TVs 55 and 65 smart screens inches with the aim that they are versatile screens because they do not have antenna tuner but they do have harmony or it is with which we will be able to consume all multimedia content and everything integrated from our mobile as I said before or even a video call with its integrated camera from 16 megapixels something that seeks to give different ways of understanding things that we have at home that they try to make us take a step like users does not have traditional television but do integrate video call that may still be something that many users.

Today they prefer and I am going to finish with the news that I have been able to try because there were also the clocks on the table both the watch 3 in the classic version and normal version, as well as the pro model all this comes with harmony or it does not matter if we talk about clocks of tablet screens all with this operating system and they feel different at first it seemed like it was also like a little more of the same, feels very organic very similar to what we have seen in this firm in the watches lately but yeah so if you appreciate that fluidity those applications all together with the huge pant all in general feels very well and it shows that they are working.

Because there is an implication in the operating system that you can choose from the watch and take the photo of the mobile something that is not the first time it has been seen but it does show how they are putting love that everything is worked in a single block that everything is harmony and that everything is a single unit, something very different from other things that make other firms that seem to seek the opposite that the mobile is very mobile that the tablet is a tablet that the computer is a computer that in this case Huawei wants to put it all together, it seems to me that it is the most innovative idea and futuristic software today so aside from all these products.

Which is like free bucks 3 but with some improvements

I have also tried the free pads 4 a bit, which is like free bucks 3 but with some improvements as we can guess but apart from this I think that there is not much more to scratch because in the end all these products are very well I know but what is the centerpiece of any ecosystem? mobile phone let’s talk about the new p 50 pro because apart from the image promotional that is already official Huawei we have important news especially if we attend the honor signature and I am very interesting because until very recently honor was the second signature of Huawei but without However now they have split or become completely independent away had to sell all this division and that means that now the new honors are going to come out 50 with google, in this case, they will have full google services operating but.


The Wreck Quality Beast Of 2021 The Realme GT In 2021 Smart Mobile

The development and the mobile that we are going to see is practically the one that was manufactured in the Huawei umbrella, therefore, it looks very similar and they will share a lot and more of a lot of development and a lot of similar things by, Therefore, if we attend this honor 50 that is presented on June 16, we will have practically everything confirmed the Huawei p 50 or many things that are sure to match starting with a hyper curved screen which is also very Huawei signature feature and 100 watts fast charging something that either It would be surprising because Huawei has been leading for years or being there at the forefront one of the fastest loads on the market from there something of the most striking.

That has been seen in the image before is those two camera modules round with three smaller sensors inside another with the part of the flash would not be the same as what we would have in Huawei if we pay attention to the images between the Huawei and the honor but you do see a similarity important they are very similar in fact within this team we would have a snapdragon 778 ge that is where they will surely see a little more down or not is usually a slightly cheaper firm and that is how they will surely make up for it there is also very interesting news how Qualcomm is working with Huawei so that in the future mobile phones.

Huawei does have this snapdragon device

Huawei does have these snapdragon devices or it is not there or it may be that the 888 890 whoever plays when the time comes but it is interesting how it is these ties are brewing between which with Huawei it is very likely that there is all honor management had something to do with honor 50 and these teams with snapdragon as I said this is presented on June 16 but now yes What do we know about Huawei because I have been there with people from the firm trying to get him out asking hey but we know something about p 50 but if there is something on the table of this, the truth is that today it is waiting for harmony to be ready for your mobile operating system but.

Now Have you seen when I spoke before that we are not talking about the future, we are speaking of the present of the signature is they have it practically already settled like this that it would not be strange that by June to July at the latest we begin to see the p 50 officially because right now if we put together all the leaks let’s see for example the models we have last year we had versions 40 pro elite normal and pro plus and in this case this year we would see some models may be similar between elite and normal maybe some intermediate model in principle versions of 68 gigs of memory ram 128 or 200 gb of internal storage and of course if we attend to the usual prices.

The highest of all the p 50 pro plus

We would see that last year the lite version 799 cost around 299 euros if We would have already alpe 50 bases 999 for the p 50 pro and the most prohibitive price and the highest of all the p 50 pro plus the one that rises surely to 1300 1400 euros this is taking into account the prices that we saw the previous year and it is a bit what we could intuit for the same range of this 2021 in terms of design basically what was seen in the image is the confirmation of the leaked design of on leaks very famous leaks of news in which we saw this strange very large module two circles in an at first it seemed that it was only like two very large cameras two sensors beasts that did everything but not if we look inside we have each of the little ones in camera shortcuts and there is also quite a few doubts about.

How many cameras each of the models will have, it is understood that They will thus have a normal camera wide angle of the lens the model p 50 but from there if we go up to the p 50 pro plus then that we also ended up including a sensor periscope all of this kind of things are those that are in doubt right now and it is that we also have filtered some flies supposedly of the normal 50 in which a flat screen with a self camera and in a central hole as far as the pro there was also a leak that showed a screen with the sides more curved this is usually something common in Huawei than the most normal mobiles something flat screen and the super robot plus is the one that has a huge waterfall screen is super marvelous something similar to what we saw before in honor for that reason we have also seen leaks that They suggest that the pro plus model would also have a curved screen at the top and bottom. say in the four sides at the same time this the truth.