iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021

iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021
iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021

Introduction Of iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021

iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021. It is something general and it is ios to notice that I habitually ios was not my system preferred operating is not either has many things very very limited but in the user experience part of that performance in how it optimizes that battery how to generate a good experience in the end as I said that part yes that I like what is this optimization of a company that does the software thinking about your specific hardware and that is very difficult to get on another device aside from the pixels or something like that and another one thing that I do like about this device that goes with one thing that.

The iphone 13 or the iphone 14 and you feel that throughout the year

I don’t I like it is that it remains in force as I said, it came out at the end of 2020 but how this firm launches a model not a model as mobile but the iphone 12 inversions or the iphone 13 or the iphone 14 and you feel that throughout the year you mobile is in force that is a flagship that is measured with the rest even though the rest of the brands take out many more mobiles if for example, you bought is the ultra notebook end of 2020 because you feel that the brand is focusing more on their news-21s and as you feel that you no longer have the last challenge with apple this lasts a little longer and that part yes I like it, you know I like the iphone but I’m not a fan closed by, Therefore. Read More iPhone 12 Pro Max The Depth Reviews In 2021.

I can say things that in my opinion are not as good for example the screen that in 2021 we continue with a screen of 60 hertz and 5 7 inches with these edges for what it costs device it seems to be a delay if we compare it with the competition we have bigger screens better-taken advantage of on the front with the better resolution even with higher speed refresh rate and this shows when it comes to using it as soon as possible. It leads to another thing that I don’t like, which is the design as the front said with the night does not finish convincing me I do not like for example the port line and It seems like it’s a bummer when you’re with people and everyone has a universal port even if.

I have it with the MacBook already has a port usb type c because I can’t use the same cable I don’t like this idea at all and which are baing more money at the cost of selling accessories do my best and all that and that usurious policy I really don’t convince and again the third thing that I do not like dancing to the above and I take also a bit abstract is the concept of sacrifice that you have What to do to have an iPhone not in the economic sense that you also have to make a huge sacrifice as I said you have to lose on the screen you have to lose in options for the user to close is your operating system and then inside it on that little pitch it goes great.

When you have your first than to enter that field of play

But when you have your first than to enter that field of play and that is the part that least I like this firm as I have been testing the mobile for so long, the truth is I say it with a lot of knowledge of the facts, it is a very very calm review a long time later so these are my reviews and so I haven’t said anything of the camera but I think that you have already spoken a lot about the camera compared to a lot of mobiles and it is what I like the most or dislike for nothing so it’s somewhere in between without more so now let’s go to the performance test we are going to take it to the limit and you will see that this test does not You see how with the rest of mobiles because it cannot be.

We start by closing all I open the applications in tutu you see marc and there it is first failed start no I understand this, it is worth saying to explain what happened because I still have not I understand you open this application and it will not open it several times turn off and on the latex mobile installed and reinstalled it did not matter what I was waiting, for now, to see if this application worked or the iphone has died or I don’t know what happens so that’s it, we’ve already found the limit, thank you very much for ok seriously I don’t know what happened to him normally he used this benchmark to a lot of videos a lot of tests and it never happens this always works fine battery test and others.


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I do not understand what happened here just not It worked so as I said the video is going to have to be different by force we are going to do the benchmark 25 to obtain the results that normally they are therefore about 1400 for a single core and 2400 if we take into account all the nuclei therefore here we begin to work with it because as I said It has to be different if in the rest devices I fill the RAM to force to install a bunch of apps and open a bunch of applications here I can not do the same because this operating system when you have the applications open is when they work better, however, when you open all the lands at once is when it begins to have problems so in this aspect.

We are going to get to storage and is that the Chrono test

We are going to get to storage and is that the Chrono test in this video will also be different and also an example clear and how this device works and how It is the philosophy of this company, that is to say, I usually plug a cable into the device always the same computer and pass the same folder called weight dead and occupies about 40 gb to the beast, in this case, the chronometer and I see how the file system usually works clear to do it with an iphone this is curious it is more difficult it is much more difficult because it is no longer practically designed for you to do it by cable even if you open the new cable so that see that it is not that the cable fails or anything you connect it to the pc is a MacBook.

It is the one that should not have more compatibility and from here you try to search if it is in the finder it does not appear before it was on iTunes then they changed it to music then you have it at the end it is a ruckus because they are betting 100% on it Wireless concept is seen that they made it so difficult for me I thought they want to bet one hundred percent to wireless technology, we are going to play this we are going to spend 40 gigabytes through the drone to see if it works this too technology timing it as we have done with the rest of wired mobiles The funny thing is that the rhythm was quite good and the is that it ends up staying around 25 minutes.

what It would be the galaxy s 21 ultra

Which is above what It would be the galaxy s 21 ultra that lasted a little less than 20 but it is much longer close to mine 11 ultra and in these cases, it is by cables normally the connection wired is faster we do not understand that the one that always combines Bluetooth Other wi-fi because it has a certain loss so they show on the one hand that the technology is at a wonderful level and they force users to do it in this wireless way because they know that being at that level my complaint does not come so much so that technology is wonderful that it is as they could not do it all they couldn’t let us wire it up and win those four or five minutes without a moment of rush suits you, in the end, you are using you have put it on your mobile.

But some people work with them for five minutes a lot sometimes they are interesting at work why not do it that way combining Both options is the problem that I have with this firm that forces us to go through the hoop that tells us where to compete and how to do it says then where they serve chest because they do it very well is clear but he continued with this test and there is a typical test that you always performed which is to play games of PlayStation 2 this that pushes them to the limit because although graphically they could move it as they are games that are not optimized for This can be quite a lot, however in ios it is much more difficult to install an emulator.

While in the free store you download damón ps2 and you play here it is much more difficult to test ok it really is down no it works fine I tried to download it from a repository but it seemed too much to me cloudy to install uncertified things and others is to return to the same Paul does not want you to die at all because that would give you a bad experience, play a polar who plays his games optimized for his mobile do not have a bad experience that they don’t want you to have with full storage made through the benchmark and it is the same, it works very well it is very difficult to catch it or it is not worth what you have seen is trying to emulate the rules with those of us who take an android mobile to the limit.