Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy M12 The most EXPENSIVE vs the CHEAPEST

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy M12 The most EXPENSIVE vs the CHEAPEST
Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy M12 The most EXPENSIVE vs the CHEAPEST

Introduction Of Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy M12 The most EXPENSIVE vs the CHEAPEST

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy M12 The most EXPENSIVE vs the CHEAPEST. today we go with a comparison of extremes the most expensive Samsung galaxy the s-21 ultra faced the cheapest galaxy that is this new m 12 so let’s see the differences welcome ‘I have no word, I’m Jorge and how I said extreme comparative never better because I have chosen two very mobile different but strangely similar of course the price is what brand This comparative one thousand two hundred euros starting price for this galaxy that currently it is in the 1050 or so the s-21 ultra and the economic one would be this new m12.

The galaxy s 21 ultras

That costs around 180 euros and It is necessary to clarify that they are the most expensive and the cheapest released in 2021 because of course a galaxy s2 is currently bought for 50 euros is not the idea of ​​the video for Of course and it is that it already happened to a huge curiosity and how is the content from the box think about it in the galaxy s 21 ultras we have practically nothing only cable the role of the guarantee and little else of course device but in the 12 even though it is very much more economical we have this is a big difference this mobile This galaxy comes with a curious charger that Samsung offers this to users who they pay less for one of their devices but that has a strategy commercial and an idea that will impose its future in the same way that.


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We can appreciate in the 3.5 mini jack this galaxy m 12 still maintains a mini-jack of 3.5 while the galaxy s 21 ultra we do not have this port, in the same way, this is becoming more and more prevalent but taking into account the price of some Bluetooth headphones I think the 3.5 mini key port has its days numbered obviously what is quality of materials there is nothing to see no we have on the one hand matt polished glass in the super 21-track car axis premium at hand and then for this part because we have plastic that hey well no weighs a lot gives us the result and accumulates textured because the effort to try to give us something a little sensitive to the hand.

The 2x dynamic AMOLED technology

But obviously, my goal is not to tell you that the galaxy m 12 is better because it has a charger or minijack. After all, the differences are notable in all moments look at the edges look at the fronts we have drop type night on them 12 while we have inside the screen on the galaxy s 21 ultras and this leads us to talk about the screen because of course this is allowed by the 2x dynamic AMOLED technology that the galaxy s 21 ultra has a display larger 6 with 8 inches higher resolution higher said of pixels per inch but in the 12 we don’t have horrible numbers either we have an IPS screen of 90 hertz of refresh rate compared to 120 of the s-21 ultra.

We would also have 270 pixels per inch which are about half of what has the most expensive and on the other hand also a resolution of 720 and this can reaffirm the idea that technology is not proportional to the galaxy s 21 ultra costs about 8 times more but still doesn’t offer 8 times more than everything but it is much better but as I say it does not multiply by 8 each value and I do not want to stop commenting on the difference in viewing angles and brightness something that is very noticeable when you analyze mobiles as different as these and is that honestly, the differences are remarkable in all aspects we have for example in the galaxy s 21 ultra support for this Hilux on your screen.

We could also connect it to 5g networks even what would be the dual wifi with 5 gigahertz bands to connect the wifi something that the m 12 does not have however the m 12 has integrated FM radio price of that port to a 3.5 mini-jack and in case it is curious that the GPS is enough similar on both devices and is still curious as the theme of the battery is taken by them 12 because even though they both have 5000 milliamps them 12 has a little less screen and also less brightness so you just balanced autonomy to your side and now let’s talk of the great differences the camera this is seen from the moment in which we turn them over and see the size of each of these sensors is outright insane even though.

Cameras megapixels of them 12 versus 108

It shares 48 number cameras megapixels of them 12 versus 108 of the s-21 ultra and then we would also have an ultra-wide-angle macro depth of 2 megapixels but of course, this compared with the great camera quality that Samsung offers in its praxis s-21 ultra since there is no way to take it especially at night is that the differences are abysmal who handle such a rear camera no matter where we look at the camera is one of those factors that make current mobile phones more expensive because that aspect premium ends up paying in the same way as the processor something in what I want to say that he has not noticed.

So much do not get me wrong they are very different and if you benchmark tutus it shows at all times we have 2100 hits for the galaxy which in this case of the international version and versions of 2 and 16 gigs of RAM however in this m 12 we have 3 and 4 GB of RAM somewhat more modest and an 8-nanometer 850 hits which means that when you are using them it looks fluid obviously if you put in a game and others the loading and waiting times are very different but.

What is the use of the operating system is quite similar and I know where to I wanted to get in both cases we have android 11 conversions or anime and 3.2 although differently a little more cropped in this m 12 but the look and feel it gives us when we use it is very very similar and that is what Samsung wants to sell us it is interesting to do this comparison precisely for this to understand a brand to try give context as I like to do and see what the differences are is not the best quality-price device on the market.