DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE PHONES WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT 5G. 5g phones are like a toxic relationship you keep them with the hope that in the future they will change but in the end, you realize that only you’ve wasted your time [Music] and what are the people today we come to talk to you about why 5g is not so wonderful how they paint it because if many people use this feature as the main one to sell a mobile later we will tell you a couple of specific cases that the truth is that they give some reluctance but the truth is that the 5g is not as perfect as some say and before you start to tell you in advance.

About conspiracy theories about mind control vaccines chips

That this article is not about conspiracy theories about mind control vaccines chips and sleep control and we leave that to someone else people we are going to talk about are real problems that affect devices with 5g and we are going to argue because at the moment and those are keywords for the moment it is not worth buying a device with 5g ok let’s start with the obvious the easiest reason to understand and which is more obvious to a person like you or me and it is simply that The vast majority of people in Spain do not have access to 5g and dear Latin American friends the situation is much worse over there in fact.

I’m going to show you a very revealing map that’s worth It is a map of Españita that is where we all arrive with their good things and his bad things surely some people is the first time in his life They see a map but hey, if you are, you have painted some color, they are areas where 4g arrives, that is, the one for a lifetime, as you can see, we can say that practically all of Spain has this network available except for some national park but hey I don’t think bears care much to see the videos in 4k is ok because this is the map of areas where 5 g is available no If you don’t see anything, worry about it, you have to look at it a lot. green areas in the largest cities as.

We can see not only that any a person who does not live in a city with more than half a million inhabitants does not have the option to this is also that in many parts of those cities You cannot access this network by chance in life, I can tell you that where I am now I do have access to this network but that does not mean that as soon as I have to leave here to visit a family member or friend, have to move to an area where most of you live and that does not we have this network so the first clear counter would be this that practically 80% of users do not directly have this option and they are paying more because 5g pays on a mobile basically so that.

That 5g is already a real friend that not even in America

We all understand each other it is like paying Netflix without having access to the internet by the way people if you are liking the article or but please give the like that costs us nothing come on, there you have the furry ones but well, not everything can be bad, no, obviously, every time we suppose that more and more antennas of this type will be installed to gradually cover little everyone but until that happens it seems to me that some of us we will have already bald in fact so you can see what I am talking about apple in their presentation of the new iPhones this year sold the phone as five and already real Scott or the 5g is already real at last good because.

That simply and It is a lie, maybe Apple now that it knows that a company of its caliber is making all their devices with this technology the operators because they will try a little more and begin to put more antennas but from there to say that 5g is already a real friend that not even in America do you have 5g in a quarter of the country do not tell me lies that you notice and you make a very silly mistake in short and yes Some might think that the same as was done with the 4g the infrastructure of the 5 that can be done now the same or faster because we have more means then I’m sorry to say no because for physical reasons that I’m not going to explain.



Here the 5g waves to which the information travels and not the mind control as some think they have much less penetration on surfaces than 4g this means that the through buildings walls or I know fat people lose much more intensity of the signal which causes it to be necessary to put many more antennas Concerning the conventional 4g maybe that is partly why people who wear paper album in the head have become a little paranoid because they are seeing that They are installing more antennas but hey, we will leave those issues to them and by the way the worst and where it bothers me in this kind of things is in some advertisements and a particular case that.

They simply sell 5g as the new tonic for hair saying

I have seen from first hand because they simply sell 5g as the new tonic for hair saying that he will free the impure from suffering and such things I have seen advertising ad nauseam swelling to show the lo shout 5gas if it were the most important thing in mobile and for those who They say that we never criticize Xiaomi that they sign up is because mainly it is xiao read me that he has filled the city where I live with banners announcing the new through pro 5g that is very clear or worse I have seen sellers in certain stores in cities where there is no 5g talk about this feature as if it were fundamental and why people should buy a device are these things.

The stretchers and they annoy me a bit trying to deceive the people who in theory should Anyway, don’t be picky, be better than that peña, a product can be sold in many ways it is not necessary to lie blatantly another reason to think about it is that 5g mobiles spend up to 20% more than battery pulling low this I suppose is something that will improve with the time but of course, until then a 20 percent battery is 20% less than the time you have to do other things and well friends we got to the important thing the wallet if all these problems that we have previously related come with zero cost well everyone happy Anyone who wants to buy.

What he buys it for him and I’m going to play WW 2008 the best wrestling game that exists today but not because apart from these drawbacks we have to add that they are more expensive and not only in the sense that they have to have more frequency bands to be able to capture these types of signals are also more expensive for example in the base price of the product in fact if the brands put in the name of the device that It is 5g very possibly it is to be able to add something to the final price of that same device these little things quality-price brands like real bone me or me they do but the final cost is not that it becomes crazy.

A little more special and cough let’s call them

But in other manufacturers a little more special and cough let’s call them that I think they have more of a mentality and friend than this phone has 5g you do not know what is true because nothing like it is something very novel and that other mobiles do not have so to buy it and by the way, since we are this increase 15 percent of the price of the device you do not care true and well obviously the 5 g are also more expensive on the lines than you contract with your internet provider so you know if you have any.

I contract with the rogue font for example and you tell him that you want a line with 5g. to be more expensive at the end of the month yes or yes but hey dogs we finished you to count all the bad things that this type of technology has apart from the inventions of the terrorists of course but we did not want to close this article without telling us the good things that it does bring this type of technology among others things because it would not be serious for us to focus only on the bad things, so many people usually associate.

5g with the internet. faster then I’ll be able to download things sooner and that’s true 5g technology offers us quite a few upload and download speeds higher than 4g and this difference is something that is only going to keep getting bigger and bigger as time goes on, however, the reason why this technology is being created is to be able to have more things connected to the network in less space. I explain dear friends, you have never been to a music concert at a game of football or a macro bottle in the city square and you have had problems sending messages to your friends and family well this is because there is a maximum number of devices.