BEST PHONES QUALITY-PRICE FINAL 2021 BEST QUALITY CELL PHONES PRICE 2021. There are people who, as you go, will agree that 2020, in general, has been a pretty shitty year let’s be clear on that so to celebrate his end today we bring you a list of the best quality-price phones that you can buy although who knows 2021 maybe even worse very well as always the phones will go from cheaper to more expensive for that everyone has something to choose from and if your favorite phone does not come out.

We can find from 130 euros this is the typical phone

You will not get angry you take sugar and you go to sleep so I said this let’s start with the first one here we have the network my 9 that by the way if you are the week of its launch most phones Of which we are going to talk, things from black life matters or black Friday one of the jumps in the order you understand me we are going to leave you the links of all the phones that appear in this in case you Interesting but good network 9 as I have told you is a phone.

That at this time We can find from 130 euros this is the typical phone that can serve someone who does not use the phone much and the truth is that he responds to the basic needs of that audience is cheap is functional and has an excellent battery I do not mean to say that it is not worth anything else in fact if I would not be teaching it to us but by this, I mean that it does not have any weak point that may interest the people who are going to buy it either I have much more to tell about it since it is a fairly cheap phone and in overall is pretty good and fine now that we have left the basic section and we can go on demanding more things like a more serious camera.

A better screen or why not less corrupt politicians but like that last one is going to be quite difficult we are going to have to settle for both first the phone that responds to these two characteristics is the network minute 9 pro that if it seems to you the same name as the previous one, do not worry it is normal They are very similar to all of us this is the steroid version of the older more powerful phone with a better camera and the better screen is an extremely popular mobile and that works excellently top-notch hand because for things in life both of my parents what You will call parents they have this device and on my recommendation and both are delighted.

It is surprising how many specifications a mobile for this price

That is also to say that despite having such a large screen and that consumes more battery than this device is impressive and can hold you perfectly two days by the way that I had I forgot to tell you what is normal, this mobile is usually around 230 euros but like you, I have said before at the time of making this article can be found for about 195 so afterward please don’t come me in the comments saying that I have lied with the price I have to tell you that for only 20 euros more we have the one that is considered by many and by us also the best quality-price phone that exists at the moment we are talking about the legendary little x3 of which.

We have already spoken to you many times and that It is surprising how many specifications a mobile for this price some of them are not present or in more mobile phones of a thousand euros I don’t want to tell you that it is better than a phone of a thousand euros ok that I think is quite clear but it is better in some sections than mobile phones of that price, such as 144 hertz of soda, which is something with which other brands such as Apple could start to put the batteries because I started to make iPhones or other phones much more expensive and powerful do not transmit it because your screen is not capable of keeping up with the height of the fluidity of that device and for that reason.



A phone like this which is not as powerful in the eyes of a human being works is better at tasks daily but well it is not only that but as we tell you it takes practically all the extras you can put into a good audio jack device NFC battery fast charge and all that stuff that other brands cut out and on these are included, they do not need to speak to you much more of him simply that it is the phone that I would buy myself if I had to buy a new device and that it is in the sweet spot that they call the Anglo-Saxons between what you are paying and the results and good people Before continuing, we are simply going to remind you that it would be nice and such is not mandatory but.

We continue As a result of the medium-high range

It helps us quite a lot and as always we are going to blackmail you with these little animals so that you have something to fight for and get the cursor down to the button-down there 5 seconds with the animals and we continue As a result of the medium-high range we have the medium-light is that it is one of the mobiles that have hit it the most and that are weighing it the most is very this device light in quotes may have destroyed in sales to the no light version that was not doing anything wrong by the way than not to roll us because people buy much more this device than the rest because basically for the price it has it is one of the best cameras.

That you are going to find and the rest of things are also quite well such as the processor that has a snapdragon 765 and is basically what they have other devices that cost hundreds of euros more so the Truthfully, I am not surprised that this is a smartphone that people love and if not already you know you just have to see the typical scene from the TSA or mini 10 light we have finally reached the range of the 400 euros where for the first time in this article we are going to see a device that is not from the Xiaomi brand that device is the one plus no and this is almost because I practically felt like it because.

I could perfectly be right now recommending the little efe 2 pro but hey the one plus is also something cheaper so let’s talk about it and start with its design and it is a mobile with quite good finishes in aluminum and with some lines that personally do not seem like anything from the other world to see It’s not that it’s ugly but for me, it’s a little bit neither chicha nor lemon as I know it says here but we can almost say that that is the worst of the device so lack of character because otherwise, we have a 6.44-inch screen AMOLED that as we have already told you on other occasions we continue to ask ourselves how the one plus do to get such good screens is a screen of 408 pixels per inch and a refresh rate of 90 hertz and as for what I also do not want to bore you based on specifications, it is the typical mobile. Read More BEST PHONES QUALITY PRICE FINAL 2021 BEST QUALITY CELL PHONES PRICE 2021.

I did not want to warm my head a lot with this

That I would buy myself if I did not want to warm my head a lot with this. I mean that everything is fine or very good there are very few sections that are criticisms of this mobile is worth perhaps it could have a little more than internal storage but it is not that it is going wrong and it could also be a bit cheaper but hey, what do you want to grow in these price ranges? other devices like the iphone s 2020 and I’m not going to compare them because from the piece that hits youtube can consider this article as content for seniors to finish I’m going to tell you what is possibly the mobile that I would use if I had the necessary money the one plus 8 pro and well if you, dear viewers.

I know that you are very smart And you are going to tell me, you prefer the one plus 8 because the truth is that neither I can say anything. After all, it is a mobile tie also with some differences but also a mobile tie so that is around the representative of one plus Spain call me we do business but good going back to the mobile the truth is that I remember that since we started on the channel we have almost always been recommending Guam plus as the best devices high-end, the truth is that the galaxy may not be better mobile in some sections but also have a size of a medium boat and cost the same as the bad decisions we make with the mafia is say a kidney.

So if someone is willing to buy this device or you still do not know what is special because if before I have said that the screen of the one plus is not good that of the one plus 8 pro is not good it is practically the best you will find it is better than the iPhones it is better than any Xiaomi it is better than any Huawei and It is practically better than any Samsung except for the most range of those that are worth one thousand two hundred euros up otherwise obviously we are going to be leftover to do whatever we want we want to do with it the operating system is also one of them is that we can find right now many people position it as the better neither.