BEST LAPTOP FOR STUDENTS 2021 | THE BEST LAPTOP QUALITY PRICE. Some countries well with but you can change the country in a second and you can access all of them those series and movies but let me tell you a true story not long ago a lot a couple of months our channel was brutally hacked from somewhere from Russia if we had had in Norbit well activated none of that would have happened because with it you can navigate safely and anonymously through.

The most disturbers of the web in addition to being you can enter from orbit

The most disturbers of the web in addition to being you can enter from orbit and point org bar critical or using the critical code and you will have access to a special discount for this black Friday with a 68 percent discount and four months free if you buy the plan two years so you know friends entered orbit critical org point or put critical code to a tremendous we are going to start with the first laptop in the range more economic possible here dear friends students. read more BEST LAPTOP FOR STUDENTS 2021 | THE BEST LAPTOP QUALITY PRICE.

We have to try to get two things mainly the number one and most important thing is to get a laptop with SSD a solid hard drive for us Spanish speakers, this is what will make the biggest difference in these ranges of precision as we always tell you the worst SSD is still better than the best of all conventional hard drives this section will be the one that allows us that the computer stays cool with this I do not mean that it goes to refrigerate well but turn on fast open tabs fast and all those things that interest us to avoid the typical laptop that they left you in the school that was slower than trade relations between the U.S. and North Korea the second point is not to go for a laptop from a company known.

I know it’s annoying because we all want to have a MacBook or a Samsung but if you are looking for a computer between 300 and 400 euros notice that normally what you pay only for the brand in one of those laptops so you have to try to go for less known brands like you wii keys or chido that although they are not so famous they have been around for a long time working on this type of ultra-cheap laptops and doing so much they do things quite well the good part about these laptops is that their brands listen to users and make laptops intended for this type of public well once we are clear about these two objectives I am going to introduce you to a laptop that fulfills both of these characteristics perfectly.

The key f5 I know that some will not be familiar with the brand

The key f5 I know that some will not be familiar with the brand but I tell you that I know it for five or six years now and I have been able to have one of these devices in hand I can tell you that the first thing you notice is the excellent build quality that they have since they are manufactured in metal and also has a full HD screen that is quite good for its price and it is something quite unusual in these price ranges this model in specifically the f 5 can be found from 400 euros includes a 256gb SSD.

Which is more than good, in general, this is the perfect laptop to do office automation you already know word presentations and stuff and also to and that kind of thing has the touch screen and It can be bent 180 degrees honestly that was very good and such but it is practically the least you should care if you are going to buy a laptop for this price and by the way, if anyone is concerned because they think that with 256 gigabytes of storage is not going to be enough I have good news for him and that can also be applied to the rest of the laptops in this article those things are removable hard drives we are going to leave you the links of the ones.

We like the most and the ones we use the most in the description what is typical does is with a removable hard drive is to store all your related things there with work or studies to have it stored in a safe place and leave the SSD of the computer itself for the operating system and a couple of programs that you will use frequently since the processes that start from this disk are much faster than the ones you start from the removable hard drive I know it seems a bit firecracker to have to carry the hard drive with you but the truth is that it is not very big and hardly weighs anymore change you save having to pay stupid amounts of money for increase the space of your computer since.

It is much more expensive to buy internal storage

It is much more expensive to buy internal storage than storage on an external hard drive I’m also going to give you an even cheaper computer with better specifications than this one that I have told you now since it has a raise in three the problem with this laptop is that it does not have a system operating and build quality is quite worse but the Acela spire 3 It is an excellent option and you save a hundred euros compared to the previous laptop that is not bad by the way friends as a reminder I simply tell you that and good also the one to subscribe would be good it is not obligatory.

But we in return leave you this epic and a fierce fight between two of the top super-predators of planet earth we hope you like it With that said we are going to move on to the next laptop here we are going to raise a little the experience but it will be practically the same objective that is to say If you want powerful laptops because your career needs it or because  I feel like those will be later in this article or you can go to one of our gaming laptop article where you can We will explain in more detail but for now we will continue to focus on light notebooks with good battery life which I suppose is what the Most of you have come to see the next step would normally be the Huawei of 14 but apparently from making so many articles it has disappeared from the face of amazon but does not worry because.



We have two options that are even better one the most obvious is the honor magic book which is the economic brand of Huawei is the same computer that had been said to principle but with the different and more important brand is still in stock than lately in the technological world it seems that the stock is being a little problematic and if I am saying it for your rise in 55 1600 and also for you gtx 3000 60 don’t think I forgot about you stupid returning to honor I could tell you many things about this computer but I think that there is a faster way to explain it is like a MacBook but with windows and half of the prison by this I mean that they are computers well built.

That work great that are nice with good materials etcetera

That work great that are nice with good materials etcetera etcetera etcetera besides and one thing that you realize as far as you have it in your hand is that they are extremely light which is a point in favor if what you want is to take it around the second option of the one that I had told you about before is the Redbook 14 which is the same but you want OMB and with the particularity that since it is already omni it is not in amazon and You have to buy on aliexpress or any of these websites very sure with the keyboard in English is to say without it but well that we already know that it solves quite easy.

Now well the good part of the network me is its components are better full stop you have more for less money as always now it is up to you to decide what it is that you a sweet tooth is more convenient a laptop of honor directly from amazon and with a warranty or an ies 3 laptops with an English keyboard but with some specifications that are scary seen so it seems easy to opt for the first but I have a xiao my notebook bought from aliexpress suffering from the same problems as the min network.

The version of amazon and the version of the express

The version of amazon and the version of the express to and you already know just the same as in the post previous the normal laptop let’s say so it would be the LG grama which is the ultimate expression of what a student laptop can be It has a good screen, good battery, and a directly ridiculous weight. weighs only one kilo 380 grams or in a different measure a little more than the brain of an embankment and this although we both know that is practically unsurpassed the counterpart of this laptop is a laptop.

That I have already discussed above and it would be a bit hypocritical not to recommend my laptop the TSA or my notebook pro that has also worked it probably has some of the best features that I have already seen on any laptop, to begin with it is a nice laptop it is clean and without trash that stains that beautiful metallic surface the materials of which it’s built is how we always tell you it feels solid like a rock we go if one day you do not find the hammer you can use it to open walnuts the display has an excellent color rendering, in addition, has a fairly high brightness has a good battery an excellent.